Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Errands and Secular Curriculum

One of the things that having a job has changed in my life - besides, oh, I don't know, EVERYTHING - has been the ability to run errands during the middle of the day.  My days of browsing through quiet grocery store aisles and avoiding mall crowds are officially over.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm fortunate enough that I do have some time in the afternoon each day where I can run an errand or two without being caught in rush hour traffic, and I also have a somewhat flexible lunch hour (flexible meaning that I can request a certain time slot, not that I have a flexible amount of time) where I can run errands as well.  But by and large, errands are now an evening or weekend chore.

Today I wanted to take the last of my homeschooling materials to a local store.  They carry a fair amount of curriculum, but they also do some consignment selling as well.  However, when I looked up the address and decided to double check the hours, I was very upset to discover that they don't even open until 1 p.m. each day.  So much for running that errand over lunch!  Thankfully Oz's schedule is far more flexible than mine, and he offered to take in the books for me.

I got a text from him a bit later:  "Books are dropped off. There was lots of oohing and aaaahing about what you had and a couple of "are you SURE she wants to sell this one".  Bad grammar/punctuation aside, I replied, "HAHAHAHAHA yeah I figured there would be.  It's good shit lol"

It was frustrating to me to discover how hard it is to sell secular curriculum, both locally and online.  If I sell it online, yes, I want enough to cover shipping.  If I sell it locally, yes, you do have to either meet me or come pick it up.  I will not schlep it clear across town for you.  And yes, for the love of Pete, Jimmy, Tom, Bart, and all the other Apostles, it is secular material!  This is why I decided to take it to the consignment shop.  Sure, some of it was openly secular - but it's the good stuff.  The stuff I had, for the most part, is used by classical homeschoolers across the country, and while I made sure it had a secular slant (or at least not a heavily Christian one), it's still The Good Stuff.

I hope it sells.  I really do.  Because if I'm going to take the time out of my day to run another errand in a month to go pick up a check from the bookstore, I want it to be a good-sized one!

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Wendy L. Callahan said...

Oh gosh, first, yeah, I miss the crowdless shopping too. We don't have rush hour in my town, so I stop at the store on my way to or home from work. But evenings are definitely busy in there.

And second, selling stuff. I tried to sell my daughter's cloth diapers, and talk about schlepping? Someone wanted me to schlep them to Omaha - a good 45 minutes away, if I take one of the first exits. Yeesh! I'm not a mobile saleslady. I'm just trying to unload some diapers.

I finally gave up and donated them, which is probably nicer anyway.

Anyway, I get ya. I get ya.