Friday, April 17, 2009

Thoroughly ducked

I have to say that before today, I was a duck virgin. Never been ducked. I really imagine most people haven't. I'm kinda special that way.

The thing is, though, that I have WONDERFUL friends. We love each other in our own very weird way, and one of the ways we show this love is to prank each other on our birthdays. We've had a lot of fun with this. My birthday last year was kind of the start of it all - I went out to dinner with these girls, and while we were in the restaurant, the car was "Peeped" with a whole string of Peeps... from my peeps. It was great. So I knew my turn was coming again, and I knew that I had to take my daughter to gymnastics this morning.

And I knew that when I got home, there would be SOMETHING.

Reeeallly wasn't expecting this.

These ducks in the pictures are really only the tip of the iceberg. Supposedly, there are precisely 105 ducks in my yard. "Yard" is also a relative term. There are some hanging in the branches of the tree... sitting by my front door... stuck on the fence out by the road (I'm sure there are many amused drivers out there today)... they're everywhere. Stuck in the handle of my screen door were two duck Pez dispensers that I will actually share with my children. And on the table on the front porch sat THIS darling:

My friend C has really outdone herself this time. Those ducks? White chocolate. The eggs? Chocolate Easter eggs. The green is coconut, the walkway is more Pez, and the lake is blue icing. I have been TOLD the cake is devil's food.

Did I mention it's raining today? My ducks are getting their feet wet, but in true duck fashion, they're mostly just letting the water roll right off of their backs. Some of them are turning into puddleducks.

I can't wait till my husband gets home. If I had to guess, his reaction will be something along the lines of, "Duck me!"

Thank you, ladies, for making me feel so loved!

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