Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just a blurb

I want March to be an active month around here, so I'm planning ahead! (A WTM-based homeschooler doing this thing called planning? Say it ain't so!)

1. I weeded out part of the garden today. Can you believe it's time to start thinking about food? Like I ever quit thinking about food. I've run the dishwasher no less than three times since Friday night and handwashed the dishes that don't fit in the dishwasher. To be fair, 1.5 of those loads came from all the Indian food, and I also made another pavlova because I saw the Valentine's picture and got a random craving.

2. I also plan to have a mom's tea on the 14th. I hope to post recipes and pictures from the tea itself. So far, the menu includes two pavlovas (pavlova? What would the plural of pavlova be? I can't NOT make these, though. They're the selling point to get people to come), cinnamon rolls, chocolate pie of some sort, lemon squares, and fresh fruit, plus tea, of course, and raspberry lemonade or hot cocoa - depending on the weather - for those who don't like tea.

3. M2's FIFTH birthday is later this month. That just blows me away. It really, really does. I cannot believe that it's been five years since she made me so sore and miserable that I couldn't walk, sleep, or otherwise function. I was never so happy as when I woke up at 4:30 a.m. three weeks before my due date with no bag packed and realized that the little brat had broken my water. Thank heaven she's cute. ;) I jest, of course, but I *was* ecstatic to finally meet her.

4. Spring Break! M2 gets two weeks off; ergo, so does M1. We're not planning any big trips, but I would like to get to a children's museum and am contemplating a trip to Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse in Enid. I think we're also going to go up to Kansas and visit my grandmother, since her birthday is also this month. She'll be 86!

5. School stuff. I don't often get around to talking about actual school stuff, but M1 has been doing some cool things. He's conducting an experiment right now involving growing bacteria in his dresser drawer (well, in muffin cups in plastic bags in the dresser drawer), and I want to get some photos of that. Plus, now that I'm digging in the garden and it's finally warming up, we can do our worm unit. I might try to get some video of him as well, or maybe a video of M2 practicing her violin.

Now that I've put all this in writing, I hereby promise to do my best to keep my word and tell you about it all.

Scout's honor.

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Marla said...

Sounds like a great month ahead