Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Fold. The Week Wins.

I have a headache this evening.  It's threatening to turn into a migraine, but it hasn't crossed the magic line yet, so I'm hopeful that taking Aleve and not eating dinner will be enough to keep the pain at bay.  I'm not sure if the headache is due to the events of the past 36 hours or if it's just due to the horrific wind and weather blowing through today.

Yesterday morning we went to the pediatric ophthalmologist for Doodlebug.  We go every year.  When he was 2 1/2, he had to have eye surgery for strabismus, and I can always remember the exact date because Oz and I sat in the waiting room of the surgical area and cuddled an itty-bitty Boo and watched on TV as Hurricane Katrina flung herself at the Gulf Coast.  We've been fortunate - even though Doodlebug has a couple of odd quirks in his vision, he can see well and we've never had to have the surgery repeated.  So when we got a call from the ophthalmologist's office saying that our regular doctor had been called away by an emergency and we could either reschedule or see the doctor who'd agreed to substitute, I was fine with the substitution.

When we went in, we were immediately called back, and the intake tech started her process.  At one point during the exam, when Doodlebug's right eye was covered, he said, "I can't see that letter.  There's a line over it."  It caught my attention.  The intake tech didn't say anything, but she was writing notes so I assumed she had noticed as well.  (Hindsight:  One should never assume.)  When the doctor came in, Doodlebug again mentioned during a test that he wasn't able to see something with his left eye because of the "white line."  The doctor held up a few lenses to his right eye - not the left at all - pronounced him good to go for another year, and we went on our merry way.

While we were in the elevator, I asked Doodlebug what he meant about not being able to see, and he told me that there was a blank spot in his vision.  At the time, and because this weather front has been sitting here not moving but causing all sorts of problems since yesterday, I assumed that he was having a pre-migraine symptom.  No biggie.  When we got home, I asked him if his head hurt.  He said no.  I asked him if the line was still there if he closed his right eye.  He said yes and told me where it was and described it exactly the same as it had been when we were in the office.  Throughout the day, I asked him about it several more times.  Each time the answers were remarkably similar.  By 4 p.m., I was getting mad that the doctor hadn't taken him seriously and at least asked what he meant.  By 7 p.m., (and with the help of the Internet), I was in what might best be described as a panicked rage.

Sleep didn't help much.

I called the ophthalmology office this morning.  The woman who answered the phone was wonderful.  She said that "we cain't have him goin' around not seein'!" and said that if there wasn't an appointment available, she'd go back and "be very firm" that we needed to get in.  Thankfully there was an opening, and I jumped at it.  Back in the car we got, and back to the office we went.  I gathered from the way things were said that our story had made its way around the office, and the (regular) intake tech and our (regular) doctor were both very attentive when Doodlebug said, yet again, that there was a line in his vision.

The doctor dilated his eye to get a better look… and couldn't really figure out what was going on.  I felt better after that, in that at least the other doctor hadn't missed something obvious (though it still irks me that Doodlebug wasn't taken seriously the first time), but at the same time I felt worse, because the news itself wasn't great.  The doctor seems to think that there's something going on with the vitreous fluid and it's somehow pulling on the retina and causing just a little bit of a wrinkle, which is the cause of the line.    As for what caused the vitreous fluid to mess up in the first place, that's anyone's guess.  The doctor was optimistic and thinks the line will sort itself out in a few days, but in the meantime I have to keep a close eye (no pun intended) on things.  Obviously if it gets worse, we go back in immediately and/or we'll be sent to a retinal specialist.  That thought terrifies me.  I hope it really is nothing and dissipates.  Send up any thoughts you might have to spare, would you?


Immediately after we left the ophthalmologist's office, we had to race across town, grab some lunch, and head to the local school administration building for my initial meeting with the school psychologist.  We were there for nearly two hours, during which time he and I talked and he filled out a stack of forms.  The amount of paperwork is mind-boggling.  I knew teachers had to deal with a lot of crap and that there would be a lot of paperwork, but I don't think I was entirely prepared for what I brought home - a stack of copies of all the forms we filled out, a small book (well, more copied papers, but altogether they amount to a small book) of parental legal rights in the system and legal definitions and all that sort of thing, and four assessment forms for behavioral, ADHD, and ASD that Oz and I get to fill in before I go back.  And this is only the beginning.

Next time we go in, we'll meet with the psychologist again as well as the gifted coordinator.  We'll meet with her because she's the one with the grade-level assessments, wherein my kids will get to show off their smarts and I'll get to nibble my fingernails down to the quick over the idea that I'll have forgotten to teach them something major.  We'll also probably start some of the other assessments that Doodlebug will have to have in order to qualify for any sort of special services.  I'm sure it'll be another long meeting.


And so I have a headache today.  Whether it's the weather or just dealing with stress, I don't know, but I do know that I'm canceling our plans for tomorrow.  We were supposed to go to a couple of events, but we all need a day to stay at home and ooze.  Oozing sounds delicious.


Erica said...

Sounds like a doozy of a week so far! Hope the vision works itself out and you're right, school paperwork is insanely mindboggling! Happy Friday my friend!

Gillian said...

Way too much going on there... I'd have a headache too! First, I am sure you didn't forget to teach them anything major, and second, yes, I'll send positive thoughts your way regarding the eye issue. Keep us updated please!

Common Household Mom said...

That is all difficult stuff - no wonder you have a headache. I have prayed and will pray for healing for the migraine and the eye problem. I hope you can manage to not worry about it over the weekend. Oozing and dozing sounds good.