Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Silence is Weird

Doodlebug is at camp this week.  Oz took him on Sunday.  Our son performed his usual good-bye ceremony, in which he said, "Bye," and walked out the door.  Oz had to remind him to come back in and give his poor long-suffering mother a hug.  He repeated the ritual when he was dropped off in the cabin.  As Oz was walking out, he heard another kid ask the counselor, "So, what video games do you play?"  And he knew, as I would have known, that Doodlebug is at camp with his tribe.  The pictures today have shown things like watching a tarantula spin a web and discussing the adaptations of fish.  Not your usual camp stuff, but perfect for Doodlebug.

Anyway, then Boo went to a friend's house last night for a sleepover.  We'd been trying to get this one planned since mid-May, so the girls were thrilled that it finally happened.  That meant that Oz and I were completely child-free for an evening, and we weren't even paying a sitter.  (OK, well, we paid for camp, but never mind that.)

So what did we do, you ask?

We went to the gym and watched at 15-year-old movie (since when was 1999 15 years ago?!?).

Adulthood is weird.

It was oddly quiet in the house this morning.  I got up and had to feed all the animals by myself (Note to self:  Let them all die natural deaths, because seriously, I'd forgotten how much work it is to feed and care for these things.  Children do have uses.), and then I got dressed and ran to the store to pick up worms for the lizard before crashing at Oz's office to watch him have a photo shoot in a suit and go out to lunch.

There was silence in the car.  When I left the house, I didn't have to yell at anyone.  When I got back home a little after 3 (I went clothes shopping because I've lost my last 10 lbs. and am now down to the weight/size I never thought I'd be again and I'm THRILLED but it means everything's just a lil' too large), it was quiet in the house.  I had to carry everything in by myself, and nobody was immediately fighting or clamoring for food or forgetting to flush the toilet.

By 4, I had two girls in the house - did I mention that the mom and I had decided to surprise the girls with a double sleepover?  They've been begging for this forever, and I can only imagine the reactions when they were told.  And so the noise level is back to normal, if someone subdued by a little bit of fatigue and the fact that the girls are friends, not siblings.

Things were too quiet there for a while.  It was nice, but it was definitely strange.  I like having my kids around.  I'm going to miss them this fall.


Common Household Mom said...

The first time all three of mine were away for any meaningful length of time I was LOST and had no idea what to do with myself.

I got over it quickly.

Double sleepover? That's kind of insane, isn't it?!

Gillian said...

Quiet freaks me out. Seriously. And I don't see how it can really be 15 years since 1999. I get the math, but still...

And congrats on the weightloss! I've got a long, long way to go.