Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tea party!

I don't really have any pictures from the tea, mostly because A) I don't ever remember to take pictures and B)... OK, nope, there is no B. I'm just not a good blogger that way.

I have these teas about twice a year. Sometimes it's a Mother/Daughter event, sometimes just moms. This time it was just moms. I also have to limit it to a dozen adults because I break out the good china!

This is my great-grandmother's china. It's nearly 100 years old - will be in 2017 - and was a wedding gift to her from her family in Germany when she and two of her brothers got married on the same day in a massive triple wedding in Kansas. It's not expensive china, but it's really pretty and has survived very well, obviously. It's a setting for 12. I don't see the need for it to sit there unused in my cabinet, so I get it out for my teas. I think my great-grandmother would have liked that.

I make quite a bit of food for my teas. I always make pavlovas - usually two of them. If I didn't, I think several folks would be sorely disappointed! Everything else varies. This time I made lemon squares, snickerdoodles, a pumpkin roll (jelly roll with pumpkin in it and filled with cream cheese frosting), and a French silk pie (that Oz was QUITE upset that he wasn't getting to taste test).

Then I made a little something for each lady to take home.

The attached silverware is a knife to cut the fudge with.

I love having my teas. It's the perfect excuse for us ladies to escape on a Sunday afternoon and come vent and eat desserts together. I see why the Victorians loved it so much! I'm already thinking about having another one in September. Maybe we'll include the kids.

Then again, maybe not. :)


Kim said...

What a neat idea! I totally agree about using the china too. I have my Grandmother's china that she adored but never actually got to use. She was to busy "saving it for a special occasion". I think I see a tea party in my future!

Marla said...

Same here! Tea parties are the best.