Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Father's Day (Again)

My kids have been excited about Father's Day for a couple weeks.  We don't do much for Mother's or Father's Day around here, but there are always cards and usually special meals.  This year Oz indulged himself in some Aussie candy, and the kids got up early this morning (well, M2 got up early... M1 just got up at his usual time) so they could fix Daddy breakfast.  They didn't know what to fix, though, so I told them to fix some biscuits and I whipped up some eggs and bacon.  They liked that.  After we ate, M2 started begging Oz to tell her what he wanted to do all day.  Mostly this meant she wanted to do something, but she knew it was his special day, so she pestered him constantly until he told her that he just wanted to have a lazy day watching NASCAR.

M2 didn't quite understand that mentality, but since that's what Daddy wanted, she went along with it.

She insisted on being right next to him for a good chunk of the day.  And because my kids love their Daddy...

M1 allowed me to photograph him next to Oz as well.

As for Oz himself?  Well, he's never really liked the camera.

Happy Father's Day, dear!

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