Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ah, December!

I hope everyone (well, those of you who celebrate it) had a lovely Thanksgiving and aren't regretting the overeating too much.  I'm sure I'll be trying to work off the extra calories for a week, but I'm already wearing my sweatshirt that proudly announces, "Christmas calories don't count!"

If only.

I'm hunkering down for the long haul now, that stretch of school between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It might not be the longest continuous stretch of school that we have, but it's definitely one of the most demanding, just because there's so much going on and so much to do that it's very easy to let school fall by the wayside.

Still, I plan to keep them busy.  We'll do Christmas crafts, sure, but we're also going to write short reports (well, M2's will be short, M1's will be longer) on a scientist of their choosing, briefly study the Roaring '20s and the Great Depression, and continue work on some personal narratives that they've already begun.  They're also working on the state abbreviations, and we should finish those right before Christmas break; when we come back, we'll start on the capitals.  We're also doing a light unit in science, and both kids have been making great strides in math and spelling.  I don't want to lose momentum just because the holidays are here!

I'm feeling slightly less Grinch-y right now, though that will come and go as the holiday gets nearer.  We put up a few lights today, which made me smile, and I've decided what to get the last of my (and Oz's) family members in terms of gifts, which sets my mind at ease.  I've also gotten most of the Christmas cards personalized, signed, and addressed, so all I have to do is send them out sometime this week.  Still, Christmas is tough, and I know I'll have at least one full-on meltdown between now and the actual day.  It's inevitable.

For now, though, I'm off to have pie for dinner (What? Pie isn't dinner?  I beg to differ) - the kids felt jilted that we had to have Thanksgiving at a restaurant AND there was no cranberry sauce, so I made our own Thanksgiving meal last night, complete with pumpkin and apple pies.  Ahh, pie.  What heavenly bliss on earth...

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