Sunday, November 4, 2012


Dogs.  They are always, always dignified.

At least, that's what Speed Bump would have us believe.

See?  Dogs rule, cats drool.  I'm bringing canine sexy back.
This is my dignified come-hither-into-the-grass stare.
Oh, wait... grass!!
Bump?  Um... I don't think this is...

What?  I'm still dignified!
See?  I'm stretching...
No.  No, Bump, that's not dignified at all.

Ohhhhhh, who cares!  ROLLING FOR THE WIN!!!
C'mon, ladies.  I'm one handsome, dignified dog.

Sorry, Bump.  You just lost all credibility with your audience.  We know what you really are.  But we love you, anyway!

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