Monday, December 24, 2012

The Big Day Cometh

Ever notice how things sound so much more classy if you add 'eth' to the end of it?  Except it reminds me of the movie "10 Things I Hate About You" where the nerdy male leads are at the prom and announce that things "hath hitteth the fan... eth."  And then the ending loses all sense of classiness whatsoever.

I'm digressing and haven't even started the post yet!

Tomorrow is Christmas.  We visited my mom over the weekend and dropped by my sister's cute new house on the way home so we could finally say we've seen it.  We visited Oz's grandmother yesterday and exchanged gifts with two of his brothers, his mom/stepdad, and his grandmother/stepgrandfather.  The only people we haven't seen yet are my dad and stepmom.  We're supposed to see them tomorrow.

HOWEVER... and this is a really excited however... it's supposed to SNOW tomorrow.  There's still some debate as to the quantity of snow, but the general consensus seems to be about 3" where we live.  That's enough to keep us firmly at home, since we won't be able to get out of our driveway, let alone our neighborhood, because the entrance to our neighborhood is a fairly steep hill and our driveway is equally steep.  So we'll see how the day pans out.  My dad may be bringing dinner to us since they have a four-wheel drive truck, but even that's up in the air right now.  I'm not worried.  I'm just excited to see snow.  Last year all we had was the most meager of dustings at one point, so I would love it if there was enough on the ground for the kids to go out front and make a snowman.

Today we're just relaxing at home.  I'm doing a few mundane chores like laundry and making detergent, and later I'll put together some cinnamon rolls for tomorrow's breakfast, but mostly we're sitting on our backsides and just chilling.  It's lovely.

I hope everyone gets to have a great, safe day tomorrow, no matter what your plans!


Anonymous said...

SNOW! I hope you get plenty of it, and enjoy every moment of its fluffy, wintry beauty.

farmwifetwo said...

At the moment we don't have any snow but if it isn't getting close to 6" and another blast is in the way the next day... they don't even close the schools.

Russ (11) has had a blast and enjoyed every moment so far. I had to wait for him to turn 6 before he started to understand it and now at 11, he loves every moment of it. Greg, who has never been a happy child has stuck to his "everyone hates me, I'm going to ruin it for everyone" plan all month and it hasn't stopped yet and mine got up around 4am.

We're suppose to get 2 to 4" tomorrow starting at noon but we'll be long gone to my parents by then. Then I'm pawning that miserable child off on my Mother and hiding for 3 days. He's just like my bro... sigh....

Have a good holiday. We're off to the MIL's shortly but that's only next door and she was here last night and for breaky this morning.