Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Long, Long Days (and Nights)

Today, everyone is a bit tired and cranky.  A thunderstorm with mild hurricane-force winds blew through last night, knocking out power to 100,000+ folks around the area, setting fires to schools and homes, ripping off roofs, and generally causing havoc.  As storms do.

It hit our house right before midnight.  I was awake, as I generally am, resting in bed reading a book.  Oz was sort of watching TV and sort of drowsing next to me.  We heard the wind first and went to the front door to peek out and have a look.  It was amazing to watch the wind whip everything around, from the neighbor's trash can (which wound up in our front yard) to the Virginia creeper that drapes the house across the street.  The wind woke M2 up, the power flashes scared her, and she came down to our bedroom to be comforted with the knowledge that there were no tornadoes lurking in this particular beast.  As she went back to bed, she informed me, "Oh, M1's up, too.  He's on his Kindle."

Of course he is.  And I'm sure he hadn't been to sleep yet, either!

So he's a cranky little monster this morning.  I reminded him last night of what happens when he self-induces sleep deprivation, but because it was already 12:15 a.m. when I told him this, the damage was done.  He's already tried to fall asleep at his desk a couple of times this morning, and if his fatigue was induced by a growth spurt or something not of his own making, I'd probably have pity on him and let him go take a nap, but I refuse to endorse stupidity.  So he has to suck it up.

What that means for me, however, is that I have to watch him like a bloody hawk for the entire rest of the day.  Every time I've turned my head this morning, even for just a second, he's been either wandering (mentally and physically both) or up to no good.  So far I've had to correct him for about a dozen things, all of which make me want to facepalm at the sheer brainlessness of their doing.

It's 11:30, and he's only about half-done with his school day.  Yesterday was the same, which leads me to believe that he's been bingeing on these late-night Kindle sessions more than one night in a row.  Not surprising, but there it is.  In the past, I've confiscated his electronics on days like this, working under the theory that one day his maturity level will be such that I can give these devices back to him and not suffer from the after-effects of electronics abuse less than a week later.  Yet he's 10, and it hasn't happened, and I'm tired of being his keeper.

So I'm not doing it.  Forget it.  The only thing I'm doing now is informing him that this sort of behavior will not go over well in this house, that I will not let him take a nap during the day (and that chores will be used as a method of keeping him awake and that sassing me during the execution of said chores will simply multiply their existence), and that he's making bad decisions and learning bad habits that will follow him into later life.  We've had more than one discussion about this sort of electronics addiction and effects on his potential high school and college life.  Oh, and I'm not taking him to the pool today.  Because I'd have to get in the water with him to make sure he was keeping his hands to himself, and Mama doesn't feel like it.  As it is, I'm not even sure I'll let him wander around the library unsupervised today.  One step forward, five steps back. 

Parenting and storms combine for a really long day.  Pass the Bailey's, wouldja?


Anonymous said...

No power sucks, but I'm glad it wasn't worse. Wow, these summer storms here in the Midwest are amazing!

Yeah, the self-induced sleep deprivation (as you put it; perfect way to say it) is a problem here sometimes too. The Gavitron will do it with his Nintendo DS sometimes. That is when we take it away for a bit, because he's a cranky butt otherwise in the mornings. Obviously that crankiness effects everyone in the house.

I hope M1 sleeps just fine tonight and is more focused and in a better mood tomorrow. Hope he decides that, hey, maybe staying up all night isn't such a smart idea.

Kim said...

I'm doing self-induced sleep deprivation as I type this. It's rampant!