Monday, November 11, 2013

Breathe… Just Breathe

Sometimes breathing is difficult!  Don't worry, I'm not stressed… I simply caught whatever bug Doodlebug had, and it's reminding me of all the respiratory ailments I caught as a child.  I never had asthma, but every time I caught something, it would go straight to my lungs and cause what the doctor called "asthmatic symptoms."  And then I'd have to take yet another round of Theo-Dur (raise your hand if you remember THAT shit… all those nasty little white sprinkles.  My mom would make Jell-O and pour the capsules into little Jell-O squares.  Jell-O shots for the under-21 crowd).

Doodlebug is on the mend, though he's still emitting enough snot to drown a whole slew of rats.  We skipped his swim meet tonight because when I made him try to take several deep breaths in a row, he dissolved into coughs by the #3.  Nobody wants to race in that condition.  We'll keep him on Mucinex and his inhaler and do a few sinus rinses, and he should be good… and if that doesn't work, we still have that prescription for the antibiotics.  I just don't want to go down that road if we don't have to.

Doodlebug also lost another tooth today.  This would be something like his seventh or eighth this year.  I would know which it was if I was a good mom and kept track of those sorts of things.  The problem with this particular tooth is that it was one of his adult canines.  So in addition to missing one of his laterals and having the other lateral be something called a 'peg lateral,' he'll now be missing a canine.  I had canceled our second orthodontic consult that had been scheduled for last Monday, since I was out of town, but after he yanked that tooth today, I called and got us back on the schedule.  I had really hoped to avoid braces, but I think they're inevitable, darn the luck.  Maybe they can just put a veneer on the peg and shave down the other canine and make them look similar, kinda like mine.  I'm missing both my laterals, so they took the points off the canines so I looked less vampire-ish, and just left everything else as is.  Easy answers - I could use some of those.

Boo had another violin solo festival on Saturday and got straight 1s again.  That's the best score a judge can give.  She's thrilled, because in addition to getting another (pink) ribbon, that means she's gotten three sets of 1s in a row (we took a break from competitions for a while prior to that).  As we were leaving, she announced, "I like judges.  They're always really nice."  Lucky girl hasn't met one of those old hags with unrealistic expectations yet.  There are some major benefits to being 8.

Realized the other day that I'm staring Christmas in the face and haven't even thought about gifts for various family members.  I have a stash started for each kid… need to fill in a few more things for the girl.  The boy has actually been the easier child to shop for this year.  My kids have never been trend-followers, so there's never a fight to find exactly what they want.  But yeah… haven't thought at all about what to get my sister and her husband for their December birthdays, or to get my father.  Must be time for a Target run.

I can hear the cold front blowing in.  The wind is whistling down the chimney.  Very glad I dug up and repotted the rosemary and had the boy bring in his garlic last weekend.  I certainly wouldn't have wanted to try doing it when we all feel so icky!


Beth said...

Oh no! Is it bad he's lost adult teeth?? I don't know what weird virus is going around but it's ugly :( Hope you are starting to feel better!

Sarah said...

The weird virus IS ugly. I'm sure it's just a rhinovirus variant, but ugh. I so rarely get sick, and I'm miserable. And turns out it wasn't an adult tooth… just a canine the SIZE of one. So there is balm in Gilead.