Friday, November 8, 2013

Once More Into the Fray

I'm sitting in the school room on this fine Friday morning.  I say 'fine' only because the weather outside is crisp and calm and sunny and 50% of the children in this house are in a decent mood.  The other 50% are in a state of perpetual pissiness (and no, autocorrect, I do not mean prissiness) because he woke up this morning and informed me he felt better, so I marched him upstairs to do school.  He thought feeling better still equated to a day on the couch.

Not so, good sir... not so.  Mostly because I know that by 10:30 a.m. he'd be bored and deliberately antagonizing his sister.  The boy thrives on structure, so whine as he will, structure is what he gets.  Nobody needs a day of fighting.

We were supposed to attend a field trip today, but with the boy still snotty and borderline not okay (methinks he decided he was better on the basis of sleepover(s) planned for this weekend that he was unaware had already been canceled), I decided we'd spend the day at home.  Nobody wants us to spread the love.  Or germs.  Mostly germs...

Fridays are our light school days, anyway, so all we had was a little writing, some grammar, math, and logic, and I plan to let the kids watch a documentary later for both history and science.  Boo is done, having pranced out of here with ostentatious glee a few minutes ago - ah, there she is... she's back to measure the dog.  She wants to make him a homemade harness.  I worry, but I keep my mouth shut.  I'm aware that my concerns will be brushed aside.  So I'll watch silently and dry the tears when they come, and then I'll take her to the pet store to see how harnesses are made.  And then if she still wants to make one, we'll try again.  Together, or at least partially so.

Doodlebug is doodling around.  He's completed his writing and was making a mess of his math until I told him we would do it cooperatively in a little bit and to finish the rest of his work first.  He'd rather blow his nose and toss the used snot-rags on the floor and 'supervise' his sister than do work, so I guess he must be feeling a little better, and this week has been sort of a blow-off week, anyway - they did work with Oz while I was gone, but he's still a 'substitute,' and I wrote yesterday off altogether, and today has sort of a 'first day back' feel to it - so I'm not getting upset.  It simply amuses me how the kids think I'll forget how these days are supposed to go just because I wasn't here for a few of them.  I sympathize with public school teachers in that respect, I suppose.

This feels a lot more like the first day home I'd expected to have.  It feels good to get back into a normal routine.  I like structure, too, and yesterday's chaos culminated in multiple glasses of wine and chocolate cupcakes and a large quantity of kettle corn.

I think we're all recovering from Mama's trip.  I loved it.  Every minute.  But today feels like my first true day home.  It's good to be back to 'normal!'

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