Sunday, August 24, 2014

The First Couple Days

So the children went to school on Thursday… and Friday, but of course I was far more nervous on Thursday.  What if they got on the wrong bus or missed their stops coming home?  What if Boo had an anxiety attack in the middle of the day?  What if Doodlebug was late to class or couldn't get his locker open or …

What if, what if, what if.

I took both kids to school in the morning and discovered that the schools really didn't work together particularly well on the timing, because Doodlebug has to be at school nearly an hour before Boo, and Boo isn't quite old enough to be on her own at the house yet, so she has to climb in the car and ride with us to drop Doodlebug off, come home and hang out for 45 minutes, then get back in the car and be taken to her school.  Really annoying.

Anyway, I took both kids to school on the first day.  Doodlebug needed a locker that worked, so we went to the office to get that sorted out (and it still took two more lockers to find him one that worked… the boy was jinxed, I swear) before I abandoned him to his fate.  He came home later in the day and said he'd had a good day and enjoys his classes.  His favorite teacher is his homeroom teacher who teaches English, which didn't surprise me very much.  When I met all of them on back-to-school night, I suspected that would be the outcome.  He has a little homework this weekend but mostly it's all for extra credit - I'm sure the real work will start this week.  I just hope he can remember to write his name on all his papers.  I worked on this all last year at home, but it didn't ever really stick.  Now that it matters, it will be a much bigger deal.

Boo also had a good first day.  She claims she's the smartest kid in her class, which she may be, and she really likes her teacher as well as some of the other teachers they rotate to for various subjects.  She came home on Friday and announced that she won't have homework if she gets all her work done in class and/or doesn't get in trouble, so that was nice news for me.  I remember having a little bit of homework in fourth grade but not much, so I'm glad to see that her teacher has a similar philosophy about kids being kids.

Both of them caught the bus home.  Doodlebug sat near the front, as instructed, and I was relieved to hear that our stop is the very first one on the route - he won't have time to get into much trouble, and sitting at the front is easier when you're the first one off the bus!  Boo, however, is the very last stop on her route, which I don't like because she gets home so very late, but it is what it is.  She'll make bus friends, I'm sure.

All in all, they've had good experiences so far.  Nobody's made any hard and fast new best friends yet, but that will come with time.  I'm starting to hear a couple of names from Boo, and Doodlebug has yet to find his tribe, but he will.

I'm just glad nobody got in trouble and things are starting to fall into place.  Routine will come.  It's all still bittersweet, but it is the way it shall be.


Common Household Mom said...

I love it when my kids go back to school (and now there's just one still at home to send off to the bus). But I also have that feeling of relief when she has made it through the first few days of school.

Addlepated Monkey Mama said...

I'm glad to hear that their first couple of days went well! I'm sure you were on tenterhooks until they got home. I hope it's a smooth transition and a great year for both of them!