Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The School Year

So the school year starts for my kids later this week.  Last week the fun started, of course, when I took the kids shopping for school supplies (Doodlebug will need more next week after his teachers send home lists for individual classes) and when I picked up Doodlebug's schedule from the middle school.

That was fun.


As you may or may not recall, I spent quite a bit of time earlier in the year working with the school system to ensure that Doodlebug would have proper classes and interventions in place by the time he set foot into the school this fall.  We had a final meeting the last week of the 2013-2014 school year to finalize everything and to make sure that everyone was on the same page.  I remembered feeling hesitant around the school counselor's level of commitment, but there was little I could do... until I picked up the schedule last week and saw that there was nary a single pre-AP class on it.

Not.  Freaking.  Acceptable.

Thankfully the same counselor was the one who handed me the schedule, and so I very kindly but firmly reminded him of our handy-dandy little meeting, and he asked me to fill out a schedule change request slip and said he'd see what he could do and we could pick up a new schedule on the first day of school.  Not feeling particularly confident, I came home and shot the psychologist an e-mail to give him a heads-up on the situation.  He replied back and said it wasn't usually inside his purview to check into class schedules but he'd see what he could do as well.

It is with great pleasure that I can say that tonight, when we went to meet the teachers (which Doodlebug was walking into without knowing a schedule, which was driving me batty since I know he needs to know where to go BEFORE the first day), a new schedule was waiting.  I've not breathed such a sigh of relief in a long time.  We were able to walk Doodlebug's schedule, meet his teachers and see the classrooms, and get contact information for the teachers so I could send them e-mails about the 504 plan and provide my contact information, just in case.  He also scored a better elective class for him, too, I think - technology instead of art.

Of course, his locker didn't work, but there's always a hitch... and I'd rather the hitch be about a locker than an entire schedule.

We met Boo's teacher tonight, too, and I think her class will be a good one.  This teacher has a master's degree, but this is probably her second year teaching.  So we'll see, but I'm optimistic.  Thankfully Boo is a lot more flexible in how things work.

So school starts soon.  It will be weird having the kids out of the house all day, but I think it will be a good experience all around.


Anonymous said...

I hope it works out well! Keeping all of you in my thoughts. :)

Common Household Mom said...

Our middle school would not give out the schedules until the first day of school. This DROVE ME NUTS (see, it still makes me yell). There wasn't much choice offered in middle school, though - it sounds like your school is different. I have not heard of pre-AP, but it sounds like it is good it is offered for your son.

I hope it all goes well.

Gillian said...

I would be so irritated to not have the schedule ahead of time.

Hope the first day(s) go(es) well!