Saturday, October 11, 2014

All Signs Point to Happy

The past week or so has been filled with surprises - good ones!

Some of the best surprises have involved getting together with friends (a friend texted me on Wednesday to say that she, her sister, and another woman, all of whom I know and enjoy, were going out for margaritas and wanted to invite me to come along, and I went, and the four of us had a wonderful time) or coworkers (five out of six front desk staff members went out last night, and we all had a really good time then, too… no cattiness, just sharing information and stories and laughing), but one of the best surprises has been the following document that my husband typed up and texted to me one line at a time.

It was so sweet to read it, and I'm still so pleased with it that I'm putting it out here to brag.  My husband - he is one of the best. :)


A is for AMAZING.  You amaze me every day with what you accomplish.

B is for BOLD.  You know what you want and you won't settle for less.

C is for CARING.  You make me feel loved and cared for more than I can tell you.

D is for DELICIOUS.  Your cooking is beyond delicious!

E is for ENERGY.  You have an aura of energy and excitement around you all the time that is infectious.

F is for FOREVER.  You're stuck with me for that long!

G is for GORGEOUS.  You are amazingly beautiful and sexy.

H is for HARD-WORKING.  Your efforts and work don't go unnoticed.

I is for I LOVE YOU, because I do!

J is for JEALOUS.  You are worthy of being jealous over.

K is for KISSES.  I can never get enough of them.

L is for LOVE.  You make me feel completely and securely loved.

M is for MEANT TO BE.  Even being born on opposite sides of the planet couldn't keep us apart.

N is for NEVER.  I will never take you for granted again.

O is for ORDINARY.  I love that it doesn't take fancy things to make you happy.  Ordinary can be extraordinary.

P is for PERFECT, as in perfect for me.

Q is for QUEEN.  You are the queen of my heart.

R is for RELAXED.  I love that our relationship feels like a comfortable pair of jeans, but I will never forget that comfortable can turn into complacent.

S is for SASSY in just the right way.

T is for TOUCH.  Your touch can take away all the worries in the world.

U is for US.  Together there's nothing we can't accomplish or defeat.

V is for VALIDATION.  I will make sure that I always validate your feelings and accomplishments, and I know you'll validate mine.

W is for WANT.  I want you and need you.

X is for X-RATED.  'Nuff said.

Y is for YOU LOVE ME, because I know you do.

Z is for ZEALOUS.  I will zealously live up to my obligations and your expectations.


You may vomit now.  But it makes me smile that he took the time to think all this up, type it out, and send it.  I'm a pretty lucky girl :)

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Common Household Mom said...

I think the acrostic notes from you husband are sweet and wonderful.