Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Little OCD Heart Skipped a Beat Today

This week is, in fact, going much better than last.  It did not start out that way - Doodlebug spent Monday and Tuesday driving us all to distraction, Oz primarily, because he felt the need to torment everyone, steal electronics at 3 a.m., not do the assignments that the school sent home for him to complete during his suspension, and otherwise generally being an ass.

He turns 12 in exactly one week.  I can smell the adolescence.

No, really… if he forgets his deodorant, I can actually smell it.

In any case, he went back to school yesterday and has thus far managed to keep his nose clean.  Next week he can start attending his Lego Club meetings, which will make us all happy.

Work has been good.  I walked patients yesterday, which was actually a nice break (especially since all hell broke loose at the front desk around 2:45), but other than that I've been up front.  I've made a couple of minor errors but nothing particularly glaring or horrid that I know of, and I think they would tell me if I had done something wrong.  They seem pretty up front about these sorts of things, and one of the unspoken office rules is that you own up to things and fix them, which I like.  Less drama in the end.

Today, though, I got trained on how to close out the daily accounts by doing some batch processing.  I've never done anything like that before, and the guy who trained me was complaining the whole time about how much he hates doing it because of all the little details you have to catch - whether or not everything's been stamped and signed and dated and put in order and reconciled and re-reconciled and copied and printed… basically all of the stuff that makes me absolutely love doing it.  Someone forgot to put an account number on a ticket?  Write it in.  Separate the receipts into various piles and put them in order?  Start making stacks and get 'er done.  I'm sure I'll forget a detail or two, but in the end it was a process I would, and WILL, happily do again.  Because it made my little OCD heart giddy to watch for all the little details and put it all in order and in the right places.

I like the job.  I like the people, and I like staying busy.  I like that the kids like school (even Doodlebug, despite his issues, does like it), and I like that Oz is being amazing and doing all sorts of stuff around the house to make sure that things continue to go smoothly here.  I don't care for the hours today and tomorrow, but that's temporary… and I have learned than an extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning makes a huge difference by the middle of the day!

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Kim said...

I am glad things are going better and I know what you mean about smelling adolescence- been there done that, though not with a boy just yet, and I have heard that is worse!