Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why I Have Neglected This Blog...

I haven't been posting on here for a while now - about a month, or so Blogger tells me. I haven't forgotten. I've just been busy. I have discovered that doing things by hand is definitely time-consuming, and I'm getting more of the idea of why moms a century or so ago didn't have much in the way of time. Thank heaven for children who are able to amuse themselves.

Not to say I'm doing EVERYTHING by hand...

though sometimes it seems like it, especially when I have to soak the laundry because the kids have just eaten popsicles with cherry-red coloring in them while wearing blue and white clothes!

I don't feel very patriotic while doing laundry, no matter what the colors are.

I've also been busy with THIS...

That's right. You may drool. It's homemade bread, specifically whole wheat with flaxseed in it. It took all of my willpower not to just devour the entire loaf whole while I was taking that picture. I love fresh bread.

The garden is also thriving, which mostly I attribute to all the recent rain more than any actual skill on my part, though trying to keep up with the weeds is just about a full-time job.

I discovered THESE on my tomato plants today.
These aren't the only ones, either. There are actually many many more on most of the plants. I'm going to drool over tomatoes now. I love fresh tomatoes even more than I love fresh bread.

The thriving garden... please ignore all the weeds. I *do* actually weed the garden at least twice a week, but you gotta love it... when the garden grows, so do the weeds! Note to self: Next year, invest in mulch.

See the basil? I also love fresh basil. And fresh tomatoes. On fresh bread. I need to get some balsamic vinegar and teach myself to make some fresh mozzarella. THAT would be heaven.

Again, ignore the weeds... I just had to get a close-up of the squash plant. Yes, it is the only one I planted. I have no desire to inundate people with hordes of squash.

The other half of the garden...

I've also been experimenting with drying the herbs. Turns out I can do that pretty well! This is a dried basil leaf... might handy to know how to do since I have no great desire to try to overwinter the herbs in my house.

Now... this is another example of how I spend my time these days, here in the "country." M1 ran excitedly in the house today wanting to show me a "collection" of things he'd found outside. I was thinking various weeds. Apparently HE meant a dried earthworm, a dead June bug, and some sort of squished caterpillar.

Gotta love the country life...

And now you know why I've been neglecting this blog.

I promise not to do it again. Until it happens. And then I apologize.

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Habebi said...

Welcome back to the blog-sphere you crazily hardworking woman you!