Sunday, September 27, 2009

Feast, my darling...

No photos today, just a random post about random things. Sometimes I have the most fun writing these.

This weekend was fantastic. The kids had a birthday party to attend on Saturday, at a bowling alley, and they do really enjoy bowling. Especially as it gets colder outside, it's one of those family activities that we can still do. The party was for a girl that was in M1's class last year. Last year. Last school year. It seems forever that I've seen these kids, even though it's only been about four months. They've all grown. They were all glad to see M1, too, though the concept of homeschooling was pretty foreign to them. The birthday girl also adores M2. So that was good.

Then we came home and rested and packed, and I took the kids out to my dad's house for the kids to spend the night. They don't often get to spend the night at Granddad T's house, so that's a HUGE treat to them. He had big plans. He got a bonfire going, let them roast hot dogs and marshmallows, then brought them inside and put on a movie. M1 slept in the huge spare room bed and M2 camped on the living room floor in her pink camouflage sleeping bag (this was a swap from the last time they slept over). Today M1 got to practice shooting with a pellet gun - his first time ever but crucial since Granddad T. may have gotten M1 a BB gun for his birthday (with permission from Mom, of course) - and M2 collected acorns. We all came over for a fantastic lunch cooked by Nana M. She goes all out for the family, and even though she's "only" my stepmom, she's wonderful, and I love her. And her cooking.

While the kids were having their campout, I went... Christmas shopping! That's right - Christmas. You are aware it's only three months away, right? Honestly, I don't usually get all my shopping done this early (though it IS always done before Thanksgiving because stores between then and New Year's scare the absolute poo out of me), but homeschooling has thrown a kink in that one. How do you birthday/Christmas shop for a kid who's always home? I never know how often I'll get a whole night or even a few hours without them both, so I had to take advantage of it. All of their shopping is done now except for a few stocking stuffers that I don't usually purchase until mid-November, though I may try to duck into a Hallmark in the next few days and get one of those items. I do need to do the shopping for the family, but that's more easily done since my gifts will be purchased online when the time is right.

Speaking of birthdays, M1's is coming up. He'll be 7. I don't know how I got to be the mom of a 7-year-old who's lost four teeth, has one more loose, can almost ride a bike without training wheels, and who is gaining poise and self-confidence every day. He makes me so very, very proud.

After I got done with the holiday shopping, I came back home. Oz was heading back from working out of town on a Saturday, so I was chatting to him on the phone from the glider on the front porch when I noticed it - the grass - was... moving. It was completely odd, so I had to get up to investigate. I bent down when I got close and saw winged ants.

Winged ants.

Oh, god... I know what looks like winged ants.

Oh, god... TERMITES.

We have a wooden subfloor in our house. TERMITES. We can't HAVE termites. My kitchen cabinets are wooden. My house frame is wooden. Most of my FURNITURE is wooden.

We CAN'T have termites.

But, wait... are those ANTS... actual ants... walking on the same log as these winged things? Why would ants be hanging out with termites?

I heart Google at moments like that, and I heart my cell phone that has the Internet right on it. I especially love it when it assures me that these were, in fact, winged ants and not the dreaded termites. Huzzah for winged ants! Who cares if it means they're about to swarm and create a whole new ant colony? They're not going to eat my house!

And after this wonderful revelation, I did what any good, red-blooded, American mother of a science-loving Asperger's Cub Scout would do...

I scooped up a bunch of those winged ants and fed them to the lizard.

And he had a great weekend, too.

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