Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Incredible Mutant... Children

Ok, so they're not entirely mutant, though some days their behavior makes me wonder which rock I want to go crawl under.

Anywho, so a couple of weeks ago, it was time for the annual Cleaning of the Drawers, in which we go through every article of clothing the children own and weed out anything that is too small, stained or torn beyond recognition, or otherwise unwearable in the opinion of the Grand Poobah of the Drawer Cleaning

I had known that my spawn had grown over the summer. They do that. I'm starting to think it's something in the soil. M1 hadn't grown much till I took him off his medication; now, since he's had that massive sinus infection and we've been in to see the doctor every two weeks for the last month, I am painfully aware that he's putting on a pound or two... every two weeks.

This means he's outgrown some clothes.

What it really means is that he's outgrown allll these clothes. They do not fit. Not even remotely. I tried to put a pair of 8 slim jeans on him, and they were a bit snug around the waist, and I thought that maybe we could get away with them for a few months. Then he sat down, and I think the hems down up to his mid-calves.

Into the bag they went.

I didn't think the girl's wardrobe would be as bad. I knew she had grown, but she's smaller, she's the girl, and really, she hasn't grown as much as the boy.

Or so I thought.

Clearly, I'm delusional.

The fact that she's gone from a size 10 shoe to a size 13 in the past two months should have been a clue.

This was 'before.' I had an 'after' picture, but it was too blurry to use. Just chop off everything on the left 3/4 of the picture, and you'll have roughly what was left. Two coats, two pairs of brown pants, a pair of pink overalls that she promptly declared she hated and would never wear, and two Christmas-themed shirts. That was IT.

No, seriously. I am occasionally prone to exaggeration, I will admit, but this time I'm actually serious. The girl had no clothes whatsoever for fall and winter.
Thankfully, a few trips to the consignment shop and Penney's has gotten both wardrobes to the place where I think we can function till the word 'frost' becomes part of our vocabulary. My credit card is breathing a huge sigh of relief.
Now I just have to give the clothes to people who will need them. I can't wait till our group swap!

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