Thursday, June 25, 2009

A tribute...

So sometimes, death just seems to take over. It's weird, but most of the deaths that I have experienced in family and friends close to me (so far) have not been from natural causes.

Not that death ever seems natural, despite the fact that it IS.

Last week, Ed McMahon died.

Despite the fact that I was certainly not old enough to appreciate him on the Tonight show, he was still a name I knew. He was also old enough for it to be "okay" for him to die.

That one I was fine with.

Then, just days after she announced her plans to be married after she was feeling better, Farrah died.

Again, I'm too young to really appreciate her, but I know that she sparked an entire hairdo and brought joy to many men in the 1970s. And I mean that in every way possible ;) Her death was sad, but at least you knew it was coming.
And then... well...

There are just no words. My mother has this album. She has the record player. And I remember dancing like crazy to every single song on it when I was growing up. Despite his fall from grace and his obvious self-esteem issues, I believe he was a good man who really tried.
RIP, Michael.
Now to celebrate life! While death sucks, it's inevitable, and it's always good to celebrate those you have rather than those you don't, especially when the ones passing on are those you never even knew in real life.
Meet my dad.
Today, the 25th of June, is his birthday. Now HERE is a good man. I know him in person. He is definitely inspiring, and I wish him many, many more years before I even have to consider a tribute to him.
I'm tearing up just thinking about it.
Love you, dad. Happy birthday.

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