Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let the homeschool life begin! (Sort of)

With school finally out, I (sort of) became a homeschooling mom! M1 is so excited. He is loving the fact that he'll have daily continuity and not have to worry about things like his classmates causing chaos in his life. Even for summer, he's liking the fact that I'm writing down a schedule of what we're doing each week. He checks it each day at least once so he knows what's going on. Talk about a comfort zone!

So last week, we attended our first homeschool meeting with the Tulsa Area Homeschoolers . We got together at a parks and recreation building and made Flat Stanley. Then, just to get some experience, we swapped within the group for two weeks. M1 has been hauling his around everywhere. Flat Stanley went camping in the back yard last Friday and did some other stuff today. I've been bad about getting pictures of him, but he's done quite a bit. I did snap this shot today.

The lady in the picture is M2's violin teacher! She has been begging me since about December to begin violin lessons, but... she's FOUR. Usually these sorts of whims die a merry death within a month or two. I started thinking she was serious around March but didn't get around to doing anything 'official' until a couple weeks ago. I knew I wanted a Suzuki Method teacher, but the one that my sister took lessons from is starting to phase out her students for retirement, so I had to find a new one. We found this lady, Sue Loomis, through the TAMTA (Tulsa Accredited Music Teachers Association) web site, and met with her for the first time last week. M2 fell instantly in love, and we had our second lesson today. M2 is so excited to be finally taking her lessons, and she loves the games that "Miss Sue" plays with her. "Miss Sue," for her part, seems to be a wonderful, very thorough teacher, and she's making sure that me, the ignorant mom, knows how to do the stuff, too, so that I can properly teach M2 during the week. It seems like it'll be a great fit.

Tomorrow we'll be taking Flat Stanley to Kansas to visit my grandmother in this "Little Town." I'll try to remember to take pictures this time!


And now for the garden update. You know you wanted one. I'm sure you just haven't had enough of it yet.

Meet my first cucumber. Nine inches long, I was almost giddy! So we had to have it for dinner.

My kids said it was "softer" than a store cucumber, but in a good way. I'll take what compliments I can get.
More cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes forthcoming next week!

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SouthernHeart said...

You'll love homeschooling! My daughter and daughter-in-law both homeschool my grandchildren and love it.