Saturday, June 27, 2009

Woolaroc KidsFest - and extreme heat

Despite the extreme heat of 100+ degrees, I attempted to take the kids to the Woolaroc KidsFest today. It was miserable. I think it could be a truly enjoyable event if it was, say, 80 degrees outside, but anything hotter makes it horrid. There's not enough shade, the activites are all outdoors, and honestly, you can't even enjoy the pure beauty of the great outdoors in this sort of weather. All of which means we weren't there for very long and almost all of my pictures come from air-conditioned happiness of either the car or the museum (where flash photography is banned but non-flash is permitted).

This was our first greeter to the ranch. We did drive past bison, emu, llamas, plenty of deer, and a few other critters on the way in as well as more on the way out. This guy just took the cake. Cheeky little bugger ;)
This, of course, was the real entrance into the Woolaroc grounds. Gotta love the statues.
This one, just out in front of the museum, was my favorite, though. I just love it. Gorgeous.

M2 loved the flowers that were still in full bloom. She had to go niffle them.

M1 loved this card. He was both grossed out and fascinated by the idea of schlucking the snails out of their shells. The humane side of him was also a little sad for the snails.

This was probably my favorite piece of art in the whole museum. It's by William R. Leigh, and it's entitled "Navajo Fire Dance." It's just so... emotional! These people just look like they're throwing themselves into the dance with true passion.

No, I didn't go to Washington, D.C. Inside Woolaroc is the miniature from which the actual Lincoln Memorial was designed. Pretty neat, eh? There are a few changes from this to the actual one, but they're pretty close from everything I could tell. Of course, it's been 15 years since I was in D.C., and my memory could be slipping. Every other part of me is slowly migrating south, so why not my memory?

A Remington painting of Custer's Last Stand. See the wood frame around the bottom? Frank Phillips actually owned a patent on that particular type of frame, and it was displayed all over the museum. It fits Western-style paintings wonderfully. When I win the lottery... :p

After we left the museum, we headed over to the Lodge. I thought I remembered being able to tour more of it, but we only got to go through a few small spaces inside. The view outside, however, was great.

See? Great view. That's my Oz, by the way.

The view of the Lodge. It's a beautiful building, too.
I hope to go back this fall, maybe taking a field trip there with M1 (and maybe pulling M2 out of school for a day so she can go with us). There are walking trails at Woolaroc that I'd like to venture through with the kids, and I'd love to be able to really enjoy the grounds.

And if I get adventurous next year and decide I need to go back in summer, please remind me of this blog and stop me beforehand, yes?

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