Monday, October 19, 2009

It's a good thing we're friends...

Before we get started here, I should provide a little bit of background.

I have a big mouth.

It should really stay shut more often... but I just can't help myself.

So when I said, almost two years ago, that I thought I was a difficult person to prank, that would have been one of those moments where I should have kept my mouth shut.

Because my friends pranked me.

It was pretty benign... a simple string of expired, semi-dried-out Peeps hung over a car on my birthday. But I promised revenge. There are four of us involved, and as time has gone on, the pranks have gotten... well... special. We only do this at birthdays, so we do know when - roughly - to expect it, but we do go for the conniving and somewhat evil.

My friend B's birthday was last week. She made the mistake of going out of town. I may have hunted down her mother's phone number, because I knew who would be pet-sitting while B and her family were out of town.

She doesn't really enjoy road trips anyway.

I really doubt she'll ever go out of town again.

We were at least polite enough to warn her what she should expect when she stepped inside.

Things like cupcakes rolled in excessive amounts of $4 sprinkles. We do this because B adores sprinkles. See the can of Betty Crocker frosting in the background? Yeah... that's because B is also allergic to Earth. The only brand of cake mix/frosting that she can eat without risk of anaphylactic shock from nut exposure is Betty Crocker. My friend C, the one doing the decorating here, does not use canned frosting.

The fact that she did this... that's love.

After the cupcakes got stuck in the fridge, we got down to business.
M2 and our friend S's daughter were a little appalled at the whole idea of grown-up shenanigans at first, but they quickly got into the spirit of things. M1 really loved it all. I am probably a bad influence on my children.

There's my friend S. She's a darling and really doesn't have an evil bone in her body. C and B and I drag her into this. We like to play mental games with her. She might not be evil, but the rest of us are!!!

There's the kitchen post-bubble wrap.

And the den...

We seriously bubble-wrapped most of the house. Since B is allergic to most of Earth, we constantly tease her about needing to be a bubble person. We do what we can to help.
We did leave her a note... and a card... and sprinkles galore...

After we did that... well... we may have descended very close to the realm of vandalism.

That's a fake penguin. B has two of them that usually sit in her front yard. They are now named Bubbles and Sprinkles, and we made sure they were appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Now... just so you know... C's birthday is next. And it's a big one.

She should be afraid.

Very, very afraid.

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