Friday, October 2, 2009

On the other side of the shower curtain

I hate cold weather. By "cold," anyone up north will laugh very, very hard at me, but I mean anything below about 60 Fahrenheit. Summer is my season. Spring is great. Fall days are fantastic as long as the sun is out and there's a warm breeze, but nights are far too chilly. No thanks.

Give me a warm house any day. Preferably with a fireplace, but a good heater will do just fine.

I hate being cold.

The worst, though, isn't being outside. It's being cold in my own house. This primarily happens when I take a shower. I do not like climbing out of a nice, hot shower only to be hit by a gigantic wall of frozen air (and cats, but that's another post). I'm sure you sympathize. This is acceptable in the summer when it's already 900 degrees but in fall, winter, or any other season where the air is cooler than my body temperature... not so much.

Last night, I got a treat. I got to take a shower MY way. I'm sure some of you get to do this on a regular basis, but really, I'm not always so lucky. Many "old married" couples can probably relate. Oz and I are almost polar opposites when it comes to showers. He likes water hitting you so hard it could be mistaken for acupuncture; I prefer gentler streams. He likes the water barely lukewarm; I like it so hot it's reasonably close to scalding. This may be part of my "wall of cold air" problem, but it feels so good!

The biggest difference, however, is the fact that he despises a hot bathroom and I crave it. It's easy to swap over the pressure and temperature of the water but not so simple to change the temperature of an entire room, no matter how small.

Last night he was out of town.

Last night, it was down into the 50s outside.

Last night, I turned on the heater in the bathroom. I stood there for a minute before I even climbed in the shower enjoying the fact that the bathroom felt nice and warm, snuggly even.

Last night, when I climbed OUT of the shower, I didn't freeze. The kittens immediately furred up my legs, but I didn't care. I was warm.

Comfort is a warm bathroom.

Now I just have to contemplate when to try to talk Oz into putting on the heated mattress pad.

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