Monday, October 5, 2009

Rest in peace... for the winter!

The garden finally bit it this past weekend. I had kept hoping we'd have one more warm snap and I'd get one more good crop of tomatoes since there were still plenty of green ones on the plants, but then I looked at my calendar for October and realized, warm snap or no, I had to be done.

Oz helped me take it all out. The kids "helped," too.

This is after we got all the plants out.

This is after I got all the WEEDS out. Or at least most of them. We still need to cover up the strawberries, but that'll be about it. Question for gardening experts: Should I put my compost on the garden this fall and let it sit all winter OR wait till spring?

Oz burned most of the evidence that we'd ever had a garden. It didn't hurt that we had a lot of wood and boxes to burn, too. If the one-year-old pesky colt wasn't bad there, we'd have had a fantastic weenie roast.

Stupid horse.

This is the kids' contribution to the dismantling of the garden. They really enjoyed creating a 'fort' out of the remnants. It was cute. I hope they are always this whimsical. I'm leaving THAT up till snow falls or we have to mow again, whichever comes first!

Oh... and one last thing... did a check on the passionfruit this weekend. It's getting close, but it's not ripe yet. There are lots out there! We'll check again in a few weeks.

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Habebi said...

You have to much to brag about for your first garden! It was amazing what you all got out of it. And you were saying you had a brown thumb ;-)