Saturday, November 21, 2009

Busy days and proud moments

I haven't posted anything for a while. It hasn't been deliberate. It's more like there hasn't been anything horribly photo-worthy! But lest you think I've been neglecting you, I wanted to post an update.

First, M1 and I went to the Elsing Museum with our homeschool group on Monday. It was a wonderful place! I'd never even heard of it till this trip got set up, but I'm so glad we went. M1 had a blast. The only thing he hated was that there were so many other people there that he didn't get to ask all the questions he wanted. I foresee many trips back, probably with M2 and/or other friends.

M2 got her progress report for the second quarter this week. All +'s, which is an improvement from earlier this year when she did, in fact, get a minus in some areas (mostly related to asking for help - my kids are fiercely independent. I wonder where they get that... hm...). I'm proud of my Bean!

M1 is almost done with his math book. He's been progressing through math at a rapid pace now that he understands the concepts. This book focuses solely on single-number addition and subtraction, and he's on lesson 24. There are 30 lessons in the book plus extra lessons on time, which we've already covered. I've already ordered the next book in the series, and he can't wait to get started on it. He's been really paying attention to his work to reach that goal and has aced his last two tests!

He's also begun working on human life science, aka anatomy. He had a lot of fun with that this week.

Don't worry. I let him stick these all over me, too.

M2 has a violin concert coming up in a couple of weeks. She's very excited and is working hard on the pieces that she'll be playing. No solos in the Suzuki method (at least at this age), but it's a big deal for her. I'm amazed that my little girl has come so far in just six months, and at the age of 4. Sure, she's probably not moving as quickly as some of the other kids, but in the two group lessons we've managed to attend, she's been by far the youngest! She takes great pride in being able to keep up with 9-year-olds.

Finally, M1 has another accomplishment that he would like everyone to know about.

He did that all by himself with his birthday BB gun today from a distance of about 8 feet. I didn't even think it was cracked till I got close. With a little practice, he's going to be a great shot!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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