Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boy Update!!

Da Boy.

I just love that picture of him. It's just so... so... BOY.

And he's suddenly discovered his inner self-destruct sequence and is bound and determined to wound himself in every way possible. He's broken his foot, sliced his finger open, whacked his skull on a metal beam, and lost yet another tooth... all in the span of a month.

And yet...

he still whines when he has to have a haircut.

I love the dichotomy. The child who got a knife from his granddad, flayed his finger, and was perfectly calm while said finger was bleeding profusely... still winces while safeguarded clippers are buzzing near his head.


This is the damaged nightstand I was ranting about the other day. It's extremely noticeable. I've sighed and moved on (and I never did come up with a good punishment other than confiscating the tool, which I had already done), but now I smile and shake my head at the sheer curiosity that made him do this in the first place. He still has an inner 2-year-old as well. When he was 2, he was FILLED with curiosity about EVERYTHING. He couldn't talk, but he'd point and give me a quizzical look. He'd get an answer and move on to the next thing. He still has an unquenchable curiosity. He "but what if"s me to death.

I try to accommodate as much as possible with experiments and answers and research. Last week, when it was 9000 degrees and we were studying the sun, I asked him if he wanted to make a solar oven.

Stupid question. I knew it when I asked it, but watching him bounce around excitedly like a grasshopper on caffeine was worth every shudder in the house frame.

I don't think this ever got to cook. It *would* have, but he was outside shadowing it every 32 seconds to see if it was ready yet. When it finally managed to get warm to the touch, he hauled it in and pronounced it "cooked." It's a good thing I'm not squeamish. He ate it with relish, literally and figuratively, and then I zapped him another in the microwave because one hot dog does not a meal make for this boy.

In addition to curious, my boy also has a wide streak of mischevous built in. I'm sure he gets that one from me, because he loves to help me come up with prank ideas for my friends and their birthdays. A friend's 30th b-day is coming up, and he's been extremely productive.

The other night, though, he simply contented himself with Oz's laundry. Usually I fold all the laundry and the Oz puts his own away. However, he wasn't getting home till late, and M1 sorted the clean, dry laundry and informed me I was NOT to touch Daddy's. At this point, *my* curiosity was piqued, so I let him go.
He hauled all the laundry into the bedroom and made Daddy a "Laundry Man" on his side of the bed. Then he took a picture. You can't really see it clearly here, but the two white spots up at the top are socks that have been made into 'eyes.' A head, mouth, and hair were also created.

Gotta say, living with this boy will NEVER be dull. And even though he drives me absolutely batty sometimes, I can't help but smile at his antics. I'm proud to be his mama.


Mom on the Verge said...

The trick is to somehow hoard all this good will for the next time he just *won't* do what you ask him, is rude to a member of the clergy, or does something else appropriately clueless... Enjoy!

Angela said...

That worksheet style looks familiar! We're doing Life right now, but I have E&S lined up next...

I couldn't imagine life with a boy with all the harrowing incidents (I freak out when my daughter falls down and gets a skinned knee), but it sure looks like he has fun!
- Angela (wanting a Name/Url comment ability)