Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a day!

Oh, I know it's not over yet. I'm aware. I just had to blog about my day because I have 30 seconds of freedom (more if I'm able to properly ignore my children) and just had to come get it all off my chest.

I woke up with migraine precursors this morning, which pretty much made me an instant curser of my morning. It felt somewhere between the morning sickness I got with M1 (which was about two steps away from laying down in an open grave and requesting burial) and wanting a claw hammer to pull the nail out of my head that someone had shot in there during the middle of the night.

Treximet is my friend in these situations, but it still takes a while to work, and in the meantime, I was playing Single Mom because Oz is out of town again, the dishwasher needed unloading, M2's lunch needed packing, the litter boxes were full, I had to get the girl to school, and... oh, yeah, I homeschool the boy!

Driving the girl to school was fantastic. I had to wear sunglasses to even be able to drive. I don't own a pair of prescription sunglasses, though, so I had to put my regular glasses on the seat beside me, pray nobody pulled me over to ask me to read anything smaller than a stop sign, and be grateful that I can drive to the school in my sleep, because when I'm having a migraine I'm A) sensitive to light, sound, temperature and B)somnolent. The drive to school is mainly east, which means the sun was shining right in my lap and dancing back and forth like some manic hypnotist. By the time I reached the school, I was officially a zombie. I took the girl into her classroom, muttered some gibberish that M2 interpreted as, "Bye, love. Have a good day," but that clearly must have been something different because her teacher was staring at me oddly (must have been the sunglasses, which were still on... must have been), and meandered back out to the van.

I made it back home in one piece and made a bargain with the Devil and my son that if I got to take a nap till the medication kicked in, I'd do things like make macaroni and cheese with hot dogs for supper.

The Devil kept his end of the bargain, because M1 actually took a nap with me, and we were both awakened by the sound of the FedEx guy ringing the doorbell AND knocking. I answered with couch pillow lines still sunk deep into my cheeks, which must have amused the guy because he eyed me, blinked, and immediately launched into some sort of chatter about checking the temperature using the thermometer we have on the front porch while I'm nodding and still blinking the last of the sleep out of my eyes. I think I told him not to check the temperature when it's going to be 9000 degrees outside that day. Again. Because it's Oklahoma in August and what do you expect?? Really, dude.

He was good for waking up. I have no idea what's in the box that he delivered for Oz. Which reminds me, the mail guy left an Amazon package on the porch that I really should go get because I suspect it's the gel packs of omega-3 vitamins and Oz's special hair gel. Gel left in 9000-degree heat probably isn't a good idea.

I digress.

M1 and I "did school" for the day and then got lunch, and then I bargained with him again so that he'd go run errands with me today so that we didn't have to do them tomorrow. I'm lazy like that. Or is that lazy? I'm not sure. We went to Mardel, a Christian bookstore that carries lots of homeschooling supplies, and picked up a planbook that I use to keep track of all the stuff we do because I'm paranoid in case we ever move to a state that requires records, which isn't likely but that's why I say I'm paranoid.

Paranoia, paranoia, everybody's comin' to get me....

I also looked for graph paper because the boy CANNOT do math in a workbook to save his life because he can't remember to carry to the right line or to stay in a line or write out or double-check, and while I *know* he knows the material, if he can't prove it, I'm having problems letting him move on. Mental block.

I ran into problems when I realized that the Powers That Be don't make graph paper any more. They make "quadrille paper," which is graph paper with a fancy name, and they only make it in 1/4" squares, which M1 couldn't use to save his life. He'd have to use four of them to write one number, and then we're right back to square one.

Most Illogical, Jim.

One trip to the grocery store and library later, we picked up M2, who promptly got mad at me because I had parked the van and come in to the school to pick her up, and she had PACIFICALLY TOLD ME to get in the line of parents and wait for her to come out so she could push the "magic button" that makes the door open and close in the van.

I was properly chastized. I bowed and scraped and kowtowed my way back out the door... hauling her with me.

Now I've gotten all the chores done and am wondering what sort of demon made me promise to feed the kids mac 'n' cheese for dinner while watching M2 get marker all over her face while making a "book" and listening to M1 try to work out what a 5x5 grid means in the instructions of a game he dragged out of the hall closet.

I suppose I can't ignore them any more. I at least need to go try to bargain some vegetables into the mac 'n' cheese. I'm thinking broccoli and spinach. And maybe vitamins for me because I've been a naughty girl and haven't taken them the past few days which is probably why I got the migraine in the first place. The Bad Fairies found me.


Oh, and if anyone knows of a good kids' yoga video, do let me know, eh? M2 has taken a liking to the idea of yoga, and I'm all about teaching her physical activity with calming techniques. It might keep us all from going insane. :)

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Mom on the Verge said...

Oh,poor dear -- nothing is worse than a migrane.

Handy hint for math: if you turn the notebook paper sideways, it makes great columns for doing math.