Sunday, October 23, 2011

One for the Big Bang Theory Fans

We love the show Big Bang Theory at our house.  I missed the first couple seasons, but then I paid a visit to my sister and she introduced me to the show.  I fell instantly and deeply in love.  Now I never miss an episode.  The one this week had me rolling particularly hard because...

I am raising Sheldon.

I'm not a die-hard religious, politically incorrect Texan, but whenever Sheldon's mother appears on the show, I laugh myself to the verge of tears.  So this week's episode got me and got me good.

This morning the kids, Oz and I went out to First Watch for breakfast.  M1 ordered their eggs & bacon kids' meal.  M2 ordered the kids' French toast meal.  When M2 got her plate, the French toast was arranged in the shape of a face with whipped topping, fruit, and her sausage link.  M1's plate... was not.  So he made his own face.  In the process, he put his bacon next to his egg, which then "leaked" onto the bacon when he cut into it (eggs over medium are the norm for our family).  So since the eggs had leaked onto the bacon *and* the bacon was "too crunchy," M1 decided not to eat it.

Oz told him that the bacon would be delicious dipped in the egg, and I butted in.  "C'mon, Dad... you know he doesn't like to have his food touching.  He is Shelly, after all."

M1 eyed me suspiciously.  "Are you calling me Shelly?"

"No," I lied.  "I would never call you Shelly or any other name, because I know that you are completely unique and would never, ever be like anyone else... right?"

"Right," M1 replied, somewhat mollified.

Then... then, I simply couldn't resist.

"Are you the type of mind that comes along once, maybe twice in a generation?"

"Yes," M1 proclaimed.

"And you love your mama's fried chicken and pie?"

"Yes... like the stuff you made the other night."

(I did, in fact, make fried chicken the other night and have pie on the menu for later this week.)

It's all I can do when M1 pulls a Sheldon to not giggle uncontrollably and make Big Bang Theory references... but oh, he gets SO mad.  He can't bear to consider the fact that someone else on this earth might be like him.

I still haven't decided whether or not to take him to Houston, though :)


Beth said...

*knock knock knock* Penny *knock knock knock* Penny *Knock Knock Knock* Penny..

farmwifetwo said...

An online friend recommended that show. Eldest now has the first 3 season's on DVD. Been informed for Xmas he wants the first Pirates of the Carribean instead. My eldest isn't all Sheldon - except for the literal parts and the food not touching - but he passes for "normal" - except for some of the more entertaining mood swings. So, more of a mixture of all 4 of them.