Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hello, and welcome to this week's edition of Random Thoughts.  Hope you're all having a lovely day.

--- Last night I went to my photography class while the kids and Oz went to a swim meet.  I left last and got home first.  As I walked through the house flipping on lights and putting things away, I realized I don't have many years left until coming home by myself at 8:30 p.m. won't be unheard of.  The kids will have jobs, friends, a car.  Then they'll move out.  It made my heart ache a little.

--- The photography class is fun.  The teacher has been teaching it for years, and while he has a vague outline of what he wants to cover in each class, he flies by the seat of his pants on actual class content.  This means that when we understand (or seem to understand) a concept, he digs deeper, and if we get stuck, he can stop and show us examples and ask questions until we get it.  I appreciate that.  For one thing, it shows true knowledge of his topic.  For another, it means the class isn't dry and boring.  Finally, it means that he understands the actual definition of the word 'beginner' and doesn't expect spectacular photos straight out of the gate, which is good, because I haven't an artsy bone in my body.

--- We've suffered some setbacks in our 12-week program.  M1 has suddenly decided that he wants to be a grown-up, not the little kid that he cried about not being last week, but apparently 'being a grown-up' means, in his world, that he can tell Oz and me anything and we'll instantly believe it, no matter how far-fetched it sounds.  We call this "making a hippo-rat," because he read something the other day about a scientist who lived a couple hundred years ago who thought hippos were extra-large rodents, and I used it as an illustration to inform M1 that just because you BELIEVE something to be true or WANT it to be true, it doesn't MAKE it true.  Evidence is evidence, bucko.  We've had lots of hippo-rats wandering our house lately; I think we're finally nipping them in the bud.  I hope this phase is short-lived.

--- I looked in M2's drawers last night when I discovered a roll of paper towels under her bed and put them away under her sink and discovered several other things, which led to several other things where those were supposed to go, which led to... you get the idea.  She burst into tears when I asked her what had happened.  She loves to organize things, but she's 'organized' herself into chaos.  She has everything crammed into drawers and almost nothing in her closet, and she doesn't know where anything is any more.  So she and I are going to spend the week going through her room and putting things in one place, where they shall (hopefully) remain.  My first clue that I needed to do this came when she got a sewing box for her birthday and promptly announced that she was going to take everything out of it and put it in various places because "that's where they need to be organized."  Um, no, dear.  Items like needles and pins and scissors stay in the sewing box.  That's what it's for.

--- I would like to get outside and dig up the garden and transfer the surviving herbs (I have the hardest time hardening plants off without killing them, but I've only lost four out of the 11 I started with, so that's really good for me!!) into actual soil, but it keeps raining.  I'm not whining about that - not at all - but it's still frustrating.  I don't like moving items from one day's to-do list to the next... to the next... to the next.  The rain has also been bringing colder temperatures with it, so today it's only supposed to get up to about 45 degrees.  I don't want the rain to stop, but I would like warm spring rains instead of cold winter ones if you please, Mother Nature.

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