Saturday, April 27, 2013

Swimming with Olympian(s)

Today was a day that I hope my son will remember for the rest of his life.  A while back, one of the older boys on his swim team requested a BREAKout! swim clinic from the web site... and his request was granted!  So the swim school got everything planned, and I signed M1 up to go.

It was a glorious experience.  Even though it was three hours long, the time absolutely flew by.  I sat out on the pool deck for nearly the entire three hours, and I was never bored.

The clinic is run by former Olympic swimmer Josh Davis.  He shared some of his stories and gave a quick motivational speech that had everyone laughing and then almost crying (OK, so the moms were the only ones tearing up... don't judge) before climbing into the water and starting the clinic.

He kept the kids moving, kept them repeating important points, and gave compliments and help wherever he could.  M1 came out of the pool thrilled to death because Mr. Davis stopped him at one point when they were working on freestyle and said, "Are you a breaststroke man?"  M1 said yes, because breaststroke is his favorite.  "I thought so.  You've got a great body for it, especially your feet."  Who knew?!?  Apparently those giant feet that naturally turn out to the point that he can sit completely flat on his knees with his feet pointed straight out to the side... those are an asset in breaststroke!

The pool was full, but the only major collision (that I saw) happened between the boy who requested the clinic and my son.  The other boy accidentally kicked M1 right smack dab in the bridge of the nose.  My son cried, and I called him over and asked if he wanted to leave, because quite frankly if I got kicked in the nose and couldn't see straight, I'd consider quitting, but he didn't want to leave.  He settled down, climbed back in the pool and kept going!  That nearly set me crying again, because I know not that long ago he'd have left after an accident like that.  He's getting so big and tough.

Olympian Aaron Peirsol was also there, swimming and generally making an appearance.  Watching him and Davis swim together was amazing.  Our little pool wasn't big enough to hold that much swimming power.  Olympic-sized swimming pools are Olympic-sized for a reason.

At the end (some kids got to do this before the clinic started, but we didn't get there in time, so at the end...), M1 got to 'try on' the three gold medals that Davis has won.  Davis himself wears his favorite medal, a silver from the 2000 Olympics where he broke an American record.

Then he signed M1's clinic shirt.  It read, "Michael, way to go.  Josh Davis"

And look... he's a lefty.  Finding other lefties always makes me feel good.

See that giant grin my son has?  I truly hope this day sticks with him forever.  I know it'll stick with me.

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Anonymous said...

My feet also stick out to the side, but that's because I was born with a dislocated hip. Anyway, I prefer the breaststroke too!

M1 ROCKS for toughing his way through getting hurt by accident. I'm so glad he had a great time!

And lefties are fabulous. :D