Monday, May 6, 2013

Final Writing Project - M1

I've always described M1 as my reluctant writer.  He is, in many ways.  He doesn't always see the point of writing, and I used to have a hard time finding topics he'd enjoy.  Now that I've figured out what he likes writing about, that's not a problem.  I've also occasionally described him as a struggling writer, but I don't think I can apply that label any more.  He will still freely tell you that writing is not his favorite subject, and despite my own love of the topic I can appreciate the fact that some people just simply don't care to put words to paper (electronic or otherwise) the way I do.  However, he will also tell you that he doesn't hate writing these days, and I see that as a major accomplishment on both our parts.  The boy has finally started to come into his own.  He used to try to copy the phraseology straight out of books, because he thought that that was good writing... and because it was a form of copywork, I didn't fight it too hard.  Still, I wanted him to find his own voice.

He has done this.

It still sounds very square, very stilted sometimes, but then I listen to him speak to me and to others and realize that he simply speaks very formally.  Whether that is a product of his psychology or just a habit, it is who he is, and it is - naturally - reflected in his writing.  He has a voice.  He is my Little (well, not-so-Little) Professor.

The important thing is that I can hear him saying out loud the things that he writes, and it sounds like him.  I hear him reading it, and it doesn't sound unnatural.  It sounds exactly like who he is.  The writing style is still very square and limited, but I can work on that with time.  He likes having formulas to plug his writing into, and it'll take a while longer before he can get out of that habit.  That, in fact, is my goal for next year.

He's come a long way.  It's a proud day around here.

M1's Final Project:
I have known nine cats in my life. All of the cats have been good to me. Since they have been good to me I have come to believe that everybody should get a cat.
Cats can play with anybody. I can drag a string, and my cats will chase it. I can also maneuver a laser pointer around a room, and the cats will watch or chase it. They are a lot of fun to play with.
               Cats are nice to have when you’re sad. Cats can sense when you’re sad and come to you. My cats will lick your tears when you cry, and then they will fall asleep on your lap. Cats are very comforting.
               Cats can be very funny. When cats get in fights they are fun to watch. They can also act silly when they get catnip. Our cats love a pink catnip-soaked mouse we bought them at a store called Gato’s. Sometimes Mom makes her phone make cat noises, and the cats go completely ballistic. Time with cats is very enjoyable.
               Cats can make a big impact on your life, so I think everyone should get a cat. Cats can do many things with you.

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