Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Son Likes Black Socks

My son only wears black socks.  He doesn't have a single pair of white, brown, or any other color in his sock drawer.  Only black.  If you ask him why he only has black socks, he'll say it's because he likes being different.

A few weeks ago, he declared he wanted to be vegetarian... no, lacto-ovo vegetarian... no, pescetarian.  When asked why, he declared it was because he wants to be different.  We informed him that wasn't a good reason to change dietary habits and to let us know when environmental or other causes became the basis for his food preferences.  He agreed but informed me in return that he wants to know more about where his food is coming from.  I'm okay with that.  We happened to go to Whole Foods this week to pick up a snack for our Friday homeschool group.  He died and went to heaven and refused to leave without a container of organic pineapple juice.  *shrug*

He told me the other day what he wants to have done to his teeth. He doesn't want a tooth inserted and cap placed. He doesn't want a screw in his gums. He wants the peg lateral yanked and the teeth moved together. Das Ende. I like that he has an opinion about it, because it's his mouth and his treatment, and I was never given a chance to have a say about things like that. Of course, HE likes that he won't have some of his teeth, and that will make him different.

He slept in until 9:50 this morning, at which time Oz went upstairs and checked to see if he'd been playing on the Wii all night.  He hadn't, which truthfully shocked the heck out of me.  He did play on the Wii yesterday for an hour, and when we asked him (and M2) to get off for lunch, he came down and informed us that he wasn't going to turn it back on in the afternoon, that he'd probably played enough for the day.  My son regulated himself This, in addition to the sleeping in, is completely unheard of.

He likes jeans that I consider too tight.  He likes scarves and robes and old-man slippers and wearing hoodies and caps in the house all day long.  He hates when his hair grows because it touches his ears.  When I jokingly asked him the other day if he wanted to play football this fall, he told me he doesn't want to play any sport where he has to wear a cup, which made me laugh.  He's pulled out his unicycle and is trying diligently to master riding it.  He still loves to cook and wants to make an entire Italian meal by himself sometime in the next month (bruschetta or tapenade as the appetizer, Caprese salad, rosemary roast leg of lamb with potatoes, and tiramisu).  He's developed a serious interest in nanobiology and nanobiomechanics, especially the idea of using nanorobots to crawl around our systems and aid those with cancer or autoimmune disorders defeat their nemeses; however, he still primarily wants to design and build rockets to go into outer space.  I think the fact that we plan to study biology this fall is excellent timing.  He's taken over the laundry and doesn't gripe about doing it, so as long as I handwash any dishes that don't fit into the dishwasher, I may never have to do laundry again.  I think that's a more-than-fair trade (especially since I'll start making M2 wash the dishes in a year or two, and I'll demote myself to emptying the dishwasher).

I grump and gripe and can't easily handle the hormonal changes that swing wildly from one direction to the next during the course of a week, but I do enjoy watching him experiment with ideas and different aspects of his life and personality.  I love that he - like every other pre-teen and teen out there - thinks that he's absolutely unique. 

Remind me of this next time he drives me crazy.

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Anonymous said...

It is so great that he states his preferences! Goodness knows I keep trying to get my son to do the same. It's nice to know your son will probably continue to speak his mind as an adult. I like to think that knowing what we want in life is one of the ways we ensure our own happiness. :)