Sunday, May 26, 2013

Those Happy Weekend Days

This is going to be one of those posts where I simply word vomit the contents of my weekend, so if those sorts of posts hold no interest for you, I suggest you move on.  No hard feelings.  *smile*

Memorial Day weekend is one of those glorious weekends where there are no family obligations, no gifts involved, no greeting cards to send - you do what you and your family want and hang the consequences.

Friday evening kicked this weekend off with a bang.  One of my good friends and I piled in her car and waited in interminable traffic to get to Rocklahoma, which, I might add, didn't seem anywhere as crowded as the traffic and parking issues would originally have led us to believe.  We had a blast, and there's just something genuinely fun about driving home at midnight and stopping at a convenience store on the way home to grab Bugles and a Milky Way (me) and an energy drink (her).  We're already hoping that the lineup next year is equally good; we'll work our schedules so that hopefully the traffic issues aren't as pronounced.

Yesterday was a quiet day (OK, I'm just comparing it to today... it wasn't quiet at all).  Oz had to run down to Moore to do some work in that tornado-ravaged town, so the kids and I had the house to ourselves during the morning hours.  After lunch, we ran to a neighbor's house.  Their daughters recently turned 4 and 1 within a few weeks of one another, and as they're even newer to the neighborhood than we are, they invited several families they've met as part of a birthday get-together.  M2 was playing with one of the other neighbor girls, whom she had met before - the birthday family moved into the home where some girls M2's age had lived - and I got to meet the dad and exchange phone numbers.  The other girl is also in Girl Scouts, so when I call and introduce myself to the mom, I intend to discuss that as well, see if I can find out information for M2.  M2 was beside herself.  Oz got back during the party and walked up, and our whole family enjoyed cake and good conversation for a couple of hours before three of us headed home.  M2 stayed and entertained the older birthday girl and some of her out-of-state friends for another couple of hours before I retrieved her for dinner... and camping!  No, I did not actually sleep in a tent.  The kids had been begging for a month to camp in the yard like they do every spring, but it had been too wet to set up the tent.  It's finally dried out enough that I agreed it was time.  The ground is still moist, but we can finally walk through it (well, most of it) without water squishing between our toes, so M1 helped Oz set up the tent, and the kids spent an evening parked in sleeping bags and on air mattresses before sacking out about 10:30.  If I'd been smart, I would have gone to bed then, too, but I'm nothing if not a night owl, so at 10:30, Oz and I were in the middle of Saving Private Ryan, which neither of us had seen, and I had Ben & Jerry's Willie Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler ice cream, which is my favorite ice cream ever, and so I didn't find my pillow till about 1 a.m.


It was hard to get out of bed this morning, but at 8 a.m. I was jolted awake by a cat who decided it was time for me to get up, which means that she climbed on my arm (I sleep on my side, but that does not deter this cat), perched herself firmly, and purred in my ear till I was awake.  She repeated this until I was too awake to go to sleep again.  It's her modus operandi when she wants breakfast, because she knows if I get up, then the boy gets up, and the end result is that she gets fed.  It's complicated feline logic.  The boy was, in fact, awake in the tent, and he and his sister had been awake long enough to have packed up their sleeping bags and rolled up the air mattresses so they could haul everything inside and dump it next to the back door on the way to FOOD OMG FOOD I HAVEN'T EATEN SINCE LAST NIGHT FOOOOOOOOD.

After they consumed sustenance, I divided and conquered.  M1 did a couple of chores in the house, and M2 came outside with me to mulch the herb garden.  I hate doing things that early in the morning, but we had too much going on today to procrastinate... and anyway, I had coffee by that point and could (almost) function.  It was still very nice to come in and crash on the couch and watch some Monaco Grand Prix for a bit before I had to move again.

For lunch, we piled in the car and met Oz's family at a park for lunch.  We took the lazy route and picked up food on the way; everyone else brought coolers and meat to barbecue.  It worked out well for us, though, because by the time we had to leave, they were just finishing their meals... and I'm pretty sure that my food-seeking children wouldn't have survived that long without a feeding.  I'm not entirely convinced they'd have turned cannibalistic, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.  Anyway, we had to leave earlier than everyone else because M2 had her first sewing lesson with my stepmother today, and we had to be home in time for her to get picked up.  Oz corralled M1 and made him go run errands - lots of them - while I stayed home and exercised and made new binder labels for the next school year and ran to retrieve the girl.  She was delighted with what she learned, and she's assigned herself a couple of 'homework' projects that will mean I have to actually walk into a fabric store.  I may not survive; my fabric-store PTSD may kick in.  If I stop blogging and disappear from the web, you'll know why.

By the time everyone came home, we were drop-dead tired.  I fixed dinner and read the kids a chapter from the fourth Harry Potter book that we just started, and they were off to bed.  M1 was out like a light; M2 took a bit longer, but I think she's out now, too.

I'd say that tomorrow will be a piece of cake since we don't have to go anywhere and Oz will be home, but I fear it won't be the case.  My stepsister's sons are spending Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning here, and it's been a long, long time since I've had a little boy... and I've never had two of them at once.  It will be an interesting week.

Hope you all have a fun, safe Memorial Day (or Monday, depending on what country you live in), and I'll let you know how the child-minding goes.  Send a few good thoughts my way.

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Wendy L. Callahan said...

For us, this 4-day weekend has been great for relaxing... Well, in our own way! I'm working, cleaning, and decluttering (pretty much "the usual" for me), and hubby is decluttering and preparing for our move. Still, it's been a "glorious" weekend, as you put it. :D

So... you saw GnR?! I'M SO JEALOUS. I'm also glad you had a fabulous time! You deserved it. Wow, rock and roll, and cake? Hell yeah!

It sounds like a great weekend to me, and I hope having the kids there is easier than expected. Maybe M1 and M2 can help out. Goodness knows Gavin loves watching Rowan for me, so I can enjoy a shower or a stretch. :)