Thursday, May 16, 2013

OK, *Now* It's Summer

It is Thursday, May 16.  It is 66 degrees outside, and it is cloudy.  The ground is muddy from all the rain we got last night (again), and the children are upstairs in pajamas playing hour after hour of Wii.  This is the first day we've had at home since we finished school last Friday, so I'm letting them bask in the laziness.  I'll pay for it later, but it's glorious now.

Last Friday, as I mentioned, was our final school day for the 2012-2013 school year.  We will start school again in mid-July, so I have a couple of months in which to paint the school room and take all the old material off the book shelves so the new stuff will (hopefully) fit in.  I also need to set up new binders since A) the old ones are falling apart and B) both kids will have more than one this year - we'll have a binder specifically for writing and another specifically for science, and I'm debating about whether to have a third for history.  We shall see.  It will be my fifth year homeschooling, and it seems absolutely bizarre.  Another mom asked me a few weeks ago how long I'd been doing this, and when I told her, she said, "Oh, so you're a veteran then."  Wait... what?  No!  I'm still figuring this out as I go!  I'm not a veteran!  Still, compared to many, I suppose I am.  I've been digging trenches in this particular battlefield for quite a while now, and even though I doubt myself on many an occasion, I think I finally have a good handle on things and a solid picture in my head of where we're headed in the long term.

Now watch my kids throw me for giant loops and change everything.  They're good at that.

Friday was a nice, easy day, as all last days of school should be.

First we made fans for our Spanish project.  While they were coloring them, the kids got to watch a short video on one particular style of Flamenco dancing.  They really enjoyed it, especially the part about stomping with their whole foot without raising the knee.  My little herd of elephants practiced all day.

Then we got down to serious business.  Our final project in science this year was to set off rockets.  We talked briefly about how rockets worked, what physics principles we learned this year that we could apply to what we would see, and touched on safety protocol.  Then it was time for assembly, and we wandered off to the cul-de-sac in front of our home (the rockets purchased are small and have only a tiny flight radius, so we could do it here... if I had bought larger ones, we would have had to take a trip to a park, which I didn't want to do).

M1 was desperate to set his rocket off first.  Sadly, he got a bad igniter for his first try, and it nearly broke him, but we eventually got things working.

They really liked the countdown part, especially because I told them they were allowed to yell it as loud as they wanted.

FIVE... FOUR... THREE... TWO... ONE...


I honestly think the kids had as much fun recovering their rockets as they did setting them off.

They really, really liked that project... and sometimes, they even pretend to like each other.  Happy summer, everyone!

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