Friday, September 13, 2013

And the Week Ends With... Stitches

And this is what my life has been like this week.  My poor girl bore the brunt of the catastrophic failure of my parenting skills.  (Not that I did this to her.  It was a bike accident in which her chin met a bricked mailbox and I wasn't there to see/hear it.  I am incredibly, unimaginably grateful to the neighbors who took her in, cleaned her up, called me, and then schlepped her, me, and the boy to the nearest ER.)  Now Oz is stuck in traffic after delivering Doodlebug to my mom for the weekend.

Le sigh.  Let's hope the weekend is better.  And next week, of course, is the kids' first interest-led week!  


Anonymous said...

NO! *Hugs* to the both of you.

And you did NOT fail. My gosh, any parent should be so luck to have at least one child get through their youth without stitches or broken bones.

Beth said...

They did a nice job sewing it up though! Poor kid!! :( You didn't PULL her bike into the mailbox - see that would be MUCH more fail like. Stupid parental guilt always makes it ugly head show up :(

farmwifetwo said...

Last summer Dh, my Father and the other kid took the younger to the playground.

Ended up with stitches in the very same place when face hit stairs to the slide.

Dh says "but it isn't bleeding"... Duh, the ends were turned in = stitches.

Then there's the scar by his eye from climbing on an antique heater and finding the tiny little lever to open up the vent when he was 4...

I'm just glad it hasn't been the one that freaks if he gets the tiniest paper cut.

Hope you are feeling better. Certain she already is.