Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Gorgeous New Baby

No, it's nothing alive.  The only new live critter that I intend to introduce to this house anytime in the next few months is a bearded dragon that Oz and I have promised to get for Doodlebug's 11th birthday in October.  He's wanted one since he was... oh, 5 or 6.  I think he's finally ready for the responsibility.

Anyway, over the weekend I got a new baby.  Want to meet her?

This is Silvia.  Isn't she pretty?  She's a Ford Explorer.

I'm still familiarizing myself with how she works.  It's bizarre to get into a vehicle without rummaging through my purse for the keys.  She has push-button start.  She also has a million other bells and whistles, including voice controls so I no longer have to lift a finger to change the temperature or make a phone call (because, of course, my phone's Bluetooth hooks right into the system as well) or change the radio station.  Oz is in techie heaven and spent the first 24 hours or so making sure that everything was updated and set up properly.  I'm a bit more ambivalent about all the features, because as long as the gas pedal, the brake pedal, the horn, and the radio work, I can live with just about anything else.

Still, she's gorgeous and I'm totally in love.  And if she can help me parallel park like the manual says she can, then she's my new best friend because I can't parallel park to save my life.  When I was 16 and taking the driving test for the second time and the proctor told me to parallel park, I told him, "You know what?  I don't do that.  And if I ever get in a situation where that's what I have to do, then I'll find somewhere else to park."  He made me try, and it took me forever, and he had to help me with some of it, which I don't think he was supposed to do.  I still passed.  And to this day, I haven't had to parallel park... at least, not in a situation between two cars.  Pulling up behind another car or backing in where there are extra spaces, yes, but actually parallel parking between two cars that are one space apart?  No.

Moving on...

This is the view looking back from the driver's seat.  That's a moonroof at the top of the image.  There's a sunroof over the front seats.  Sunroof, moonroof... whatever.  More car love.  Those are bucket seats in the middle, which is mighty handy when you have two kids who can't sit together on bench seats without erecting an imaginary wall which can cause WWIII in the blink of an eye if its position shifts even marginally or if it's crossed a fraction of an inch.  There's also the third row, which can fold down or stow as necessary, so if WWIII threatens to happen regardless of the lack of wall, I can banish someone to the back and theoretically thwart the impending battle.  Oh, and Oz can fit in the second row, too.  That's crucial when I consider the fact that Doodlebug may well be of a similar size one day.

Because, gods willing, I'm not getting rid of Silvia until the kids move out.  She rocks.

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