Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Girl Trouble

So the other day I posted about Boo having growing pains with friends.  That, however, is not the only struggle that I'm facing with her right now.  I've vented to my friends, but since Boo is... creative... with some of her self-inflicted problems, and since parenting is largely a crapshoot to begin with, nobody in my limited range of acquaintances has dealt with the same issues that she's inventing.  I doubt anyone else will have answers, either, but I'm sure you've all noticed that I use this blog as a sounding board as well as a place to share school plans and the happy/funny things that my kids do, so... away we go.

Boo - my sweet Boo - is bored.  Bored out of her gourd.  Bored senseless.  B-O-R-E-D.  During school hours, she's fine, but once she gets done, she wants to do things.  And that's all well and good, except she wants to do things with people.  Doodlebug, because he's older and his work is more complex, is typically not finished with his schoolwork at the same time she is.  So then she wants to do things with me... which is also all well and good, except I'm usually supervising the boy or doing stuff around the house.  Sometimes she'll invent a project to do or go to her room and play independently, but not often.  Mostly she lolls around on the floor of the school room or putters around, talking incessantly while her brother tries to focus on his work.  When he is done with school, she hovers around him like a bee, desperately wanting to do anything as long as he's involved.  He is independent.  He'll go to his room and read, play video games, go get his sister when he feels sociable and invite her to play games - in other words, he's self-driven.  When he reads, she tries to read, too, but it doesn't last long.  When he plays video games, she wants to sit and watch.  And when he actually wants to do things with her, she's so delighted she goes along with almost any stupid scheme just to be with a person.  It often does not end well.

I have not the first clue how to help the girl learn how to entertain herself.  At this point, she's so desperately bored in the afternoons that she's contemplating going back to public school next year just so she'll be around other people more consistently, even if it does mean longer school hours and homework.  I wish I could figure out how to help her.  I don't mind if she's an extroverted introvert, but she's going to be on her own more and more as she gets older, and I don't want her following people blindly.  I want her to find her own path.  Anything that's helped your kids be more independent?


Gillian said...

I wish I could help, but I have the same thing going on with my daughter!

farmwifetwo said...

I too am no help because I have the same issue with the elder. This inability to entertain himself... always been that way. Electronics are a lifesaver but... It's always been the elder following the younger, yet the younger can amuse himself and is severe ASD.

Thankfully, he is now old enough to work a bit on the farm - he likes the "get paid" part :). Yesterday, he handed tobacco plants to another worker to spear on the sticks. Today he is doing some of his mandatory high school volunteer hours with his Father at the Lodge Hall.

Chores??? Volunteer around the neighborhood??? Technology?? Best I have for ideas.