Thursday, April 24, 2014

Because Random Thursday

A few little tidbits of no importance to get you through this Thursday:

1.  Doodlebug finished Math-U-See Zeta last week.  This week he picked up the Art of Problem Solving prealgebra book.  And then I watched his brain explode.  I have to admit, it's not an easy book to follow.  It starts off by saying, "Hey look, we're going to introduce you to proofs!" and then uses half a dozen of them in the first few pages.  Whew.  Overwhelming.  But he's starting to get the hang of it.  (I say that, and he just handed me a paper of incorrect answers... be right back while we figure these out together.)  I'm happy for him to do as much as he wants in the remaining three weeks we have in our school year, and if he loses it over summer, he loses it.  I'm not getting rid of the book for a while yet.

2.  We meet with the school psychologist again next week to go over the test results of both kids' testing.  Apparently the forms that Oz and I filled out have triggered some extra testing in a couple of areas - I assume in the autism spectrum and/or ADHD category - so he'll be doing that, too.  I'm really, really glad we're not trying to do all this in the middle of next school year.  Getting the process started early has been nice.  Here's hoping we can get the 504 set up prior to August.

3.  Boo has her spring violin recital tonight.  At this point, she's kind of blasé about the whole thing.  Can't blame her; I rather am, too.  She wants to take some time over summer break to work up some fun stuff.  I'm looking forward to that as well.

4.  I went to a gym for the first time in my life on Monday night.  It wasn't bad.  I can't decide if I want to join or not.  On the one hand, if I'm paying for it, I know I'll go, and I'll work out, and I do want to get in shape.  On the other hand, I'm not sure I got any better workout than I do here at home when I do make myself exercise.  I'm debating.

5.  Summer break is going to be interminably long this year.  I warned Oz last night that the household may descend into actual chaos since I'll have the kids for three months straight with little to no structure whatsoever.  Doodlebug has one week of camp, and right now Boo is set up for one week of morning acting camp and wants to attend a horse-riding day camp, and I may even let her sign up for a one- or two-day sewing camp, because all of those together roughly equal the total of the cost for Doodlebug's away camp, but regardless of how many camps I sign them up for, I'm going to have at least one child with me at all times.  Last year they were both gone for a week - well, Doodlebug was at away camp and Boo was at a day camp - and I was insanely productive during those days.  I cleaned out closets, painted the school room, ran a bunch of errands that needed to be run but that nobody wanted to run with me, and met up with a friend or two for coffee sans kids... it was glorious.  I'm rather sad that I won't get that break this year.

6.  Boo has suddenly forgotten how to math.  Seriously, in the last week all mathematical ability has flown out the window.  She's been sitting there staring at her math paper for 45 minutes.  She won't ask for help.  She won't let herself take a break.  She won't try, either, though.  She just sits and stares and has convinced herself it's all too hard.  I'm chalking it up to end-of-year doneness and the cold she's been fighting, because I don't think there's anything else going on.  She knows the stuff; she's just having a mental block.

7.  People around here are preemptively freaking out about a storm system that's supposed to move through over the weekend.  I feel no such mental stress.  I'll clean out the closet under the stairs on Sunday if it comes to that, but I'm not very worried.  Yet.  When the red and black start to crop on the radar, then I'll worry.  Ain't nobody got time for worrying now!

8.  I cancelled the boy's orthodontic appointment that was scheduled for early May.  We have decided to nix the braces for now.  Just easier all 'round, and if he wants them when he's an adult, fine.  Right now it'd just be for cosmetic purposes and he doesn't care. 

And now the boy wants to use the computer for writing.  I s'pose I should let him, huh? 

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Gillian said...

Cyrus is super-excited about AoPs prealgebra, even though I've warned him that it'll be challenging.

Hope your meeting with the school psych goes well next week!