Monday, April 28, 2014

That Whole Unschooling Thing...

In theory, to make our legal count of 180 days, we have two more weeks of school, plus this week.  So 14 days remaining.


I'm done.

The kids are done.

I'm pretty sure the entire school room is done, because certain places - shelves, binders, etc. - have reached maximum capacity and have begun to spill over into new areas.

The kids have asked to take one week during their extra-long summer break to do a review week, so really we only have to have 9 days left.  I'm cool with that.  Very cool.  Practically chill.

When it came time to make my weekly lesson plans yesterday, I couldn't muster the energy.  I didn't want to climb the stairs and repeat the same process I've done for the last 33 weeks, give or take.  I knew the kids didn't really want to do the work.

And so I said to Oz, "Y'know what?  If they were in public school, the last 2-3 weeks would be field days, field trips, awards ceremonies, movie days, end-of-year tests, and general shenanigans.  So phthththththth."

Today when the kids dutifully climbed the stairs to the school room and asked what they were going to do first, I shocked them.  I pulled a piece of paper out of the printer and made two lists.  One list was for Doodlebug, the other for Boo.  These lists contain everything that I'd still like them to finish in the next two weeks - grammar books for both kids, a couple of math assignments for Boo (Doodlebug is thoroughly enjoying his pre-algebra and has asked to go ahead and continue despite the probable futility of the effort), the play that they're creating/writing, and some reading.  That's about it.  I mean, there are a couple of other little things to wrap up, but those are the big items.

The kids were thrilled.  They worked nonstop from 8:30 to noon, when I told them to put away the stuff and eat lunch.  And after they ate lunch, they went back upstairs… and kept going!  Boo pulled out a stack of posters and learned about the battles of the Revolutionary War.  Doodlebug yanked out a book about drawing comic strips and made some really cute ones.  Boo wrote a letter to her friend, addressed the envelope, and mailed it.  And I sat on my backside and didn't have to do a thing!  It was glorious.

I told Oz about it when he got home, and he started laughing and said, "So you're unschooling now, are you??"

It's only taken me five years to let go and unschool for a whole nine days.  I might be a bit of a control freak.  But for that amount of time, yes… yes, I suppose I am.

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