Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Test Results

I had been anxiously awaiting this day since it was scheduled last week.  Today was the day I went up to the school admin building and got the results of the kids' tests.  

Before I got the results, however, Doodlebug finished taking the ADOS test - Oz and I had filled out the first part, the school psychologist read the results, and those results warranted taking the remainder of the test with the special needs coordinator, the psychologist, and another lady whose title I can't remember at the moment - when we were there today.  

When it was finally time for the results, the psychologist ushered the kids out to wait for me and then told me… everything I already knew and that the plan was exactly what I had hoped.

Here's how it broke down:  

Doodlebug tested extremely high academically.  They are going to put him directly into advanced/gifted classes.  However, the ADOS testing revealed that there are, in fact, some areas where they felt they could offer some accommodations to make his transition and school experience easier.  Well, duh.  But I understand there's a process and they can't take my word for it, just like they couldn't take my word that my kid is freaking brilliant and doesn't need special-needs classes but does need gifted ones.  Anyway, the three folks who were in there today are going to make up a list of initial accommodations and we'll sit down and have another meeting before school winds up here at the end of May to put them to paper.

Boo tested extremely well in reading and is right on par for her age in math.  The school psychologist would actually like to test her for the gifted program but wants to wait until fall, which is exactly what I had wanted to do, anyway, because I would like whoever her teacher is to be on board with that process.  I think it's one thing to put a kid straight into middle school gifted classes, because there are multiple teachers involved, as opposed to putting a kid into an elementary gifted class when the teacher has no background with the child.  Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, what was fun was that the kids' reactions when I told them the results.  Doodlebug was especially relieved, because he felt he hadn't done very well during the ADOS testing.  I laughed and told him I hadn't really expected him to, because it was a test that was designed to trip up kids who are on the autism spectrum (I hadn't prepped him for that previously because then he would have been trying to figure out what to do differently and probably would've skewed his own results).  He was thrilled that he had done things "right."  Boo was just happy that she's still advanced in reading and had done all right in the math portion.  

Will there be gaps in what they know compared to what their peers know this fall?  Probably.  But nobody in that room today seemed concerned.  They can read.  They can write.  They can compute at least at age level.  

Mostly what I heard today - in my head - was this:  "You didn't screw up.  You have a clear picture of where they are, and you planned properly.  Good job, Mom."

So far, all goes well.


Wendy L. Callahan said...

I know how you feel. When they tested my son for placement, I wondered how it would work out. He tested into the "higher level" classes (they offer 3 for math and reading), so that felt good, though I would have been very content with him being where he "should be" too. :)

So, the public school adventure begins later this year, eh?

Gillian said...

That's great! I am glad the results were so positive, and that the school is willing to work with the gifts and needs your kids have.

And I love your unschooling post too. With Cyrus lately, I think I could easily hand him a list for each week, and just let him go!