Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Day Off

So I'm sitting at home today.  I would be at work, but my girly is still sleeping, and I'll be darned if I'm going to wake her.  She needs her rest, and she'll want her mama when she wakes up.  Poor child just wasn't at all well yesterday afternoon/evening; she even missed her last violin lesson of 2014.  

I wasn't looking for a day off - heaven knows they needed me at work, but they'll have to make do.  My Boo is more important.  However if I'm going to have a day off, I'm going to enjoy it!  I don't really have any errands to run (I need to pick up a few gifts for a few people, mostly teachers, between now and Christmas, but it'll happen sooner or later), and I'm sure my wee one won't be up to going anywhere anyway, so I'm doing some of the things that I would be doing if I didn't have a job - namely catching up on reading blogs, cross-stitching, reading, watching TV/movies, and maybe even baking.  Haven't entirely decided on that last one yet.  Since this is the first day I've taken off of work since I started 3+ months ago, it feels completely weird to be sitting on the couch at 8:46 a.m. wearing lounge pants and a hoodie.  Good weird, though, not bad weird.

As I was reading some of the blogs in my roll this morning, I ran across this little gem from Mom to the Screaming Masses.  She'd swiped it out of the back of a magazine, but I thought it was A) a lot better than a lot of the 'surveys' I've filled out in the past and B) a good way to get to know someone.  So I'm doing it.  #waystokilltime

Signature Dish: Jambalaya and pavlova.  Yes, I just combined Cajun/southern food and an Australian dessert.  I cook all over the globe.  It happens.

Worst Thing I Ate This Week: If it has to be eating, then the peppermint bark we made and I ate is probably right up there on the list, but the hot buttered rum I downed last night would be a close second.

Favorite Junk Food: Totino's.  Or mozzarella sticks.

Favorite Board Game: MONOPOLY.  But nobody will play with me.  Wonder why? *innocent face*

Household Chore I Enjoy: Cooking. Baking.   <---I'm stealing this answer from MttSM, because she and I are alike in this regard.  I could spend all day in the kitchen.  Apparently my daughter told her teacher yesterday that I should be running the school kitchens because the teacher said her leftover nachos looked delicious.

My Secret Cleaning Weapon: Essential oils, particularly lemon and lavender.  I haven't purchased a bottle of 409 - or any of its kin - in close to 10 years.  

Etiquette Pet Peeve: People who don't RSVP.  It does not mean, "Hey, lemme know if you wanna come at the last minute when you realize you have nothing better to do."  It means, "I need to know if you are OR IF YOU ARE NOT coming so that I can plan my event/life around you."  In this day of texting and Facebook and 1000 other forms of communication, it will not kill anyone to say yay or nay to an invitation.

I Will Never Care About: your gym exploits.  If you've run a 5K or marathon or something for the first time, by all means post it, but I do not need to know the details of your every workout.  Facebook, I'm looking at you.

The Last Thing I Bought Online Was: Ohhhhh I can't post that here.  Suffice it to say I did some shopping this morning for a birthday or two.   

I Drive: 2012 Ford Explorer, silver.  Her name is Sylvia.

Good Habit: Laundry.  It never piles up because I have a laundry routine - Knits and delicates get washed on Thursdays; knits, denim, towels, and sheets (biweekly) get done on Sundays. 

Bad Habit: Picking my cuticles. I'm trying to stop, honest to God.  <--- I only do this during the winter, but it's horrible.  I wrapped a Band-Aid around my left thumb over the weekend and did fine, but the minute the Band-Aid came off, I started picking again.  Ugh.

Before Company Arrives I: Sweep/vacuum the fur off the floors and wipe the bathrooms down, and depending on who it is, clean the kitchen and dust. 

Cat/Dog/Other: CATS.

Stuff I Can't Live Without: Texting. This from the woman who thought she would never text anyone EVER when she first got her phone.  Unlimited texting is the bomb-diggity.

If I Had An Extra Hour Today, I Would: If I could magically give myself an extra hour, I would tell time to shove it and use the magic to make my daughter feel better.  I'd give up an hour for her, and then some.

My Handbag Is:  TINY!  I have a little denim one and a little brown/tan woven one that I swap out.  They both desperately need to be washed.  And when I say little, the denim one is barely large enough to hold my wallet (yes, I have a men's wallet), phone, bottle of Aleve, work badge, ink pen, and keys.

On My Bucket List: Go to Germany.

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Common Household Mom said...

I hope your daughter feels better!

I am way too tired to fill out such a survey, but I enjoyed reading your answers.

I love peppermint bark (heart-shaped, leaking out of cookie cutters, or just randomly-shaped). I never could understand hot buttered rum, though.