Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas this year was quieter than most.  For one thing, we stayed at home so that Doodlebug could cook Christmas dinner for us.  He was very excited about this, and he had planned his menu well in advance:

Roast Duck with Mushroom Gravy
Roasted Red Potatoes
Green Beans
Apple Danish

Everything (except the stuffing, which was good old-fashioned Stovetop) was homemade.  I insisted that he get into the kitchen the day before Christmas to start the danish; really, if I'd been smart and read the recipe myself instead of relying on a 12-year-old to do it, I would have had him start on Tuesday, but I may have been a little TOO trusting of his abilities.  Anyway, I had him start the danish on Christmas Eve day.  Everything else he cooked on Christmas.  I wish I had gotten some photos of him cooking, but I was supervising and stirring the gravy.  He cooked everything himself.  The only part I played, other than stirring gravy, was to help him figure out in what order things needed to be started and subsequently cooked.  It was all delicious, and we still have a little bit of leftover food.  I even took the duck bones (and a chicken carcass that I had previously frozen) and made a whole bunch of poultry stock yesterday evening.  Waste not, want not, right?

Of course we opened gifts on Christmas morning before the boy got in the kitchen.  I did take a few photos of that, but I used Oz's phone as my camera since I wasn't coherent enough to either grab my own phone or my camera before plopping on the couch.  I think both kids were happy with their gifts, and I think Oz was happy with his, too.  I got him a nice new watch since his old one had finally bitten the dust.  Doodlebug got him a Himalayan salt block for grilling, and Boo gave him some jerky made with all kinds of meat - venison, ostrich, alligator, etc.  I received a gray coat, some earrings (one nice pair of crystal and one pair that features Schroedinger's cat(s), a couple of computer games that Oz and I can play together, a candle from Boo, and new placemats, napkins and napkin rings from Doodlebug. I felt like I made out like a bandit.

We didn't get the kids huge gifts this year; Boo got a replacement iPod Touch, since the button on her old one had never worked well and the charger was fraying, but that was the most expensive purchase we made.  We got them a bunch of little things instead, and I think they're just as happy.  Boo has been happily making duct tape crafts, for instance, and Doodlebug asked me to teach him to play Risk today.    Doodlebug is also starting to lobby hard for Xbox Live (mostly so he can play some games via that outlet with his friends), and I have told him that if he can continue to demonstrate positive behavior with regard to electronics, he'll have a good shot at getting that by his birthday.  I may even consider buying him a new game console if he does particularly well.

We've been steadily working out times to visit family and see them for the holiday since Christmas.  The kids are out of school for another week, and while I do have to work, my schedule is light and some days I should get out of the office around 3 or 3:30, so I'll have evenings free to do whatever.

I feel like I should be posting more… but that's another post.  Look for changes over the next week or so.  Thanks for reading.

Hope you all had a joyous holiday, no matter how you celebrated. :)

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Common Household Mom said...

That is a very impressive menu for a 12-yr old. Bravo to him, and Merry Christmas to you all.