Monday, December 8, 2014

The Three-Ring Circus

Today, I would like to update you on my life.  To best illustrate it all, I shall use the metaphor of a three-ring circus.


My kiddos.

The boy has been throwing fits and has been unable to focus again; we're finally down to the last Vyvanse at 20 mg, and so starting this week we're going to go up to 30 mg.  We may go as high as 40 if necessary (given his height and weight, I know the doctor wouldn't object) to get us back to a solid baseline.  The boy needs new coping skills, and he needs to be able to focus to get them right before we "de-medicate" again.  We're also continuing the Intuniv as is.  He's also considering whether or not he wants to remain in public school next year or return home.  He's on the fence.  I'm letting the choice be his this year.  We'll see how it goes.

The girl has been mentally/emotionally okay, but she came down with pneumonia last Thursday.  Well, OK, so really it was a very mild case of pneumonia and we caught it on Friday afternoon, but pneumonia it is (I suspect combined with a virus, but that's neither here nor there) and that means breathing treatments and Mucinex and Tylenol and 'roid rage and grumpy girl who wants to go to school and who DID go to school today because she didn't have a fever but then came home with a fever of exactly 100.0F and a headache.  A breathing treatment and Mucinex helped; she's off to take a bath and put on pajamas now.  Here's hoping she feels better again by morning.


My job.

I really do enjoy my job, but days like today make it difficult to remember why.  I won't get into details on here for many reasons, but suffice it to say that my level of screw-it-all is extremely high right now, and if they fired me tomorrow (which I hope they won't and don't think they will), I don't even know that I would care.  OK, I would care and would probably cry, but OMG STRESS.  I'm supposed to go in and chat with the director of operations about something tomorrow, and I feel like I'm being sent to the principal's office.  I can't imagine that I'm in trouble, but that feeling is still there… and really, it's just more OMG STRESS.


My personal life.


OK, seriously, I am working on my cross-stitch project for Doodlebug's room and intend to read a couple of books I picked up at the store this weekend, but other than that, nope.  Allllll the NOPE.  Oz and I have his company holiday party this week; mine is next week.  At some point I need to go visit my mother for a Christmas shopping trip, and I have a couple of people left on my list for whom I need to shop.  The idea of me getting out for ME?  With MY friends or with MY husband?  Not happening.


My goals right now are to get everyone healthy/properly medicated, figure out the work stuff, and get through the next few weeks intact.  Then maybe it'll settle down…

Hey, a girl can dream.

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