Monday, December 15, 2014


The title of this post has become a new buzzword in my house.  I invented it.

I am not, of course, management.  BUT… I have nominal control over my department, and hopefully in time I will at least be the team lead, which would give me at least some semblance of a management position.  I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I'm optimistic.  I make the schedule, other departments (and department heads) come to me with issues, etc.  Anyway, the big news is… drumroll please… last week I went permanent.  I am no longer a temp-to-hire worker employed by a temp agency; I am a full-on staff member at the clinic.  This means I have to remember to clock in and out each morning, afternoon, and at lunch.  The last time I did this was in early 2000, and then it wasn't a big deal because all my coworkers left at the same time I did AND the clock was right by the door where we entered and exited.  Now the clock is way the heck at the end of the clinic, nowhere near where I work (which was particularly fun on Friday when I walked in the door at 7:54 and was greeted with, "SARAH!!!" by three different people who wanted to know the status of a couple of things… clocking in is difficult when you're being greeted by demands), and this afternoon I tried to leave without clocking out.  Thankfully I didn't even make it off the elevator.

I love my team.  Yeah, at some point, especially if I *AM* given the team lead position (again, not a given, not a guarantee, but I'd sure like the gig), I figure they'll start treating me oddly, but they're really really good, nice, driven people.  Honestly I like almost everyone in the clinic.  There will always be a few folks here and there that appeal to me less - that's going to be true no matter where I work - but I love that the drama is kept to a minimum.

I even revel in the fact that while I am not management, I'm being kept busy and given responsibilities.  I cannot even express how much I enjoy those two things.  Boredom and lack of recognition are two things that would drive me crazy anywhere, and those aren't happening.

Hard to believe I only started working in early September.  I feel like I'm at home.

Next post - Christmas!!

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