Monday, February 23, 2009

Thinking and pondering

No pictures tonight - just an entry. Nothing fancy.

I'm pondering occupational therapy for the boy. Or an anti-anxiety medication. Or something. I'm not sure.

I feel the need to explain and justify. To myself, mostly, and writing is calming for me. You're just subjected to it. As always.

Moving on. His ADHD is under control. He is quite calm during the day and will happily sit down and write a story or create a book. He can sit still for a good 15-20 minutes and do reading lessons. Attention is no longer a problem, and I'm thrilled silly with that. I can remember him bouncing and running and carrying on like nothing else, and the fact that this is controlled gives me much to be thankful for.


He's still having anxiety attacks. They're rarer and more random (like when he got 3/4 of the way up a playplace sort of structure at the Seminole children's museum and then lost it because he didn't want the wires to touch him... which is what holds the thing up and they're spaced an inch or two apart the entire way), but they're there. That one was a touch issue.

And then there's the flipping out. His psychologist pointed out long ago that she thought he might have some sort of sensory processing disorder. I had always kind of dismissed it after reading about it, thinking that all of his quirks were attributable to ADHD or anxiety and the combination of them working together.

Now part of me wonders if the anxiety is caused by the sensory issue. Specifically, I think he has an auditory processing disorder where noises and the spoken word are literally too much for him. He's always been more frightened of loud noises than other kids typically are. The vacuum was terrifying for him (and he still runs out of the room when I turn it on). He would cry at the sound of my mini-food processor. When we went to the Air and Space Museum on Saturday, they had what they call a 'space maneuvering unit' which has air thrusters like an astronaut's suit. It runs on pressurized air, and the point is to move the unit so that a laser light points at a specific target. It's loud. The boy simply shut down. He wasn't scared of it, but it was just too loud for him. He covered his ears, squinted his eyes shut, and flat refused to move/talk/function until the sound quit. He got over it after a while and even used the unit, but for a bit I thought we would have to leave because of it. If I give him more than two simple directions (or even one direction while he's doing something else), he can't remember/function and starts yelling at me to stop talking at him.

I think there are other issues going on -touch has always been a unique thing for him, since he gets great satisfaction out of strong pressure or back scratchers - but I do think the auditory processing issues are a big chunk of things, too.

So I think I'll talk to his psychologist when we go in next week and talk to his pediatrician about the same. We won't start any sort of therapy till summer because there's no sense in starting another process before the end of the school year, but if there's a process involved with insurance and a waiting list at the therapy place, it's best to get started now. Right?

Thanks for listening :)


Habebi said...

Yup! Get started now so that way when the summer comes it's a smooth transition. Keep at it hun! He's doing so much better b/c as you are getting the ADHD stuff settled you can get to the other issues that were under the 'radar' so to speak and getting all of that taken care is really, really going to help him out. :-)

mom2four said...

Ok, so did I miss something? Have you already pulled him out or you're just doing some extra work at home to get a head start for next year?

Sarah said...

You didn't miss anything. I've been doing reading lessons with him at home since he is not being challenged at school. They won't put him in first grade reading because his writing ability is lacking, so I'm pushing his reading at home and will work on handwriting in the fall.