Saturday, February 28, 2009

What this blog is *really* for

OK, really I would love to say that this blog is for the admirable goal of watching my son grow and change through my wonderful homeschool efforts. However, I do think it's worth more than that. Sometimes I just might use it to dump everything on here and make you people suffer through my day - I'm such a great person like that. Vent, feel better. My modus operandi. Leave now if you're not in the mood for someone else's crappy day. I won't know, and I won't be offended!

M1 didn't have his meds today. We didn't forget - it was just that he only has enough pills to get us to Tuesday, and our appointment isn't until Wednesday after school, and there is no way I am sending him to school unmedicated. He'd probably be sent home by 9 a.m. I probably could have gotten the doctor to just call him in another month's worth (we can only get a prescription for one month at a time), but I really want to talk to her.

And, feeling somewhat insane, I figured it'd be a good idea to see how he was progressing without meds.


If I ever start thinking like that again, do smack me upside the head and remind me of this entry, please!

I also needed to run errands today - the ones I couldn't run on Thursday - which included going to Gardner's (I'd never been there), the Apple Tree (wanted to see what exactly they had), Sam's Club, and Reasor's.

The kids and I left the house about 9:30 after it took absolutely forever for M1 to get ready to go (DH was still sleeping). We hit Gardner's first. I can't say the kids were horrid there, just excited. I let the kids pick out two books each because children's books were BOGO, and then we found a couple of other books that I just 'had' to have. If we had totaled up everything, we should have paid about $40 to get out of there. But because the kids' books were BOGO, there was a discount on one of the books I picked out, and we hit a purchase amount that automatically gave us a discount, too, the grand total with tax was $23! I'm not a couponer, but I loved that. And the lady there told us that if you save your receipts and get $100 worth of pre-tax purchases, they'll give you $15 worth of merchandise free! I'm sure we'll be back. I'm such a nerd.

Then we hit Apple Tree, and that's when it started to get difficult. I wanted to see what they had and also get M1 a workbook to take to school, but when M1 got something, M2 started whining that she needed something, too. Whine whine whine. Whine. Whine some more. Did I mention she was whiny??? So we left.

Sam's parking lot was packed, so we skipped that and went straight to Reasor's as I was not in a mood to stand in lines. Now, I hate grocery shopping with both kids on a good day, but I'd have to say this was not a good day. M1 went completely bonkers. It started in the produce section when he and M2 started smacking each other. I separated them and kept moving. Then he went 100% OCD. He wouldn't step on the lines. He wouldn't step on the reflections of the lights on the tiles. He wouldn't quit doing either of those (I honestly don't think he could stop himself). It wasn't bad for a while, but then he quit paying attention to people around him and began running into people and wandering off because he was so far gone that he wasn't noticing that I'd turned a corner and kept going. When we finally made it to the checkout, I had to take M2 out of the cart. And the kids instantly got into a smacking fit! My jaw just about dropped. I felt like the biggest redneck!

I couldn't wait to get home.

The rest of the day was better since we were at home, at least until bedtime, when I discovered that M1 hadn't done his laundry on Friday and had stashed it in his closet and under his bed instead. He'll regret that by Tuesday when he's out of pants because I'm holding the laundry hostage for a week.

I'm so glad that the meds come back tomorrow! I can't wait to go to the psychologist on Monday and the pediatrician on Wednesday. At least I know for sure that the meds are doing wonderful, wonderful things for him!


Habebi said...

You just gave me permission to smack you?! Suhweet!! :-P j/k Gotta say you were pretty brave to attempt all that though. Supermom that you are. Good luck with all of the appointments.

tulsasahms said...! :)

Do ya need to get on the mail order rx plan? :)-

Bless you, mama - bless you!!!

S. said...

I wish I could get on a mail-order Rx plan, but I can only get a one-month prescription for his medication because it's legally a controlled substance, so I have to give them my license (and they do record the number) just to fill the prescription. *sigh*