Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Garden soil update

Let me preface this by saying I need a new camera - one with better control of aperture. I also need a steadier hand, but given the fact that I can now barely squeeze the contents of a tube of Betty Crocker decorating icing (the container that looks like a tube of Easy Cheese) without my hand shaking like a leaf, I fear those days have passed. If I had both of those things, there would be more pictures here.

Moving on... THIS

is what the garden looked like before it rained. This is sand mixed with the native clay soil... mixed with extra topsoil, potting soil, and manure. We tilled it all together, and I'm going to let it sit for a week or two and relax (and pluck out any weeds that come out in the meantime) before planting. Right now, the planting date is APRIL 11!!!
Now comes the fun part... picking out what to plant. Oz is gunning for tomatoes, but I fear them. Besides anything else, I learned today that tomato pollen dies in temperatures over 95. No wonder Oklahoma summers kill tomato plants! Right now, the plan is: Okra, squash, pumpkins, bell peppers, green beans, and little plots for whatever the kiddlywinks want to plant - M1 is thinking herbs (because Mommy kills them), M2 is dying for flowers (pink ones, please!).
Let the adventure begin!

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