Sunday, March 29, 2009

Winter Recap

My poor baby girl had an interesting birthday party! But before we get there, we have to start the day before.

Meet the guinea.

This was in my garage on Friday when the rain/snowstorm really started. It was tame enough, because it would run to me when I called it, and it hung out in my garage for a while, especially during a hailstorm. I've heard it several times today as well, so I think it's living somewhere out in the pasture. I'm going to go hunting for it again when the ground dries out a bit. If it ever does. The theory goes that it's going to rain again next Saturday. Gah.

Back to the party. It wasn't going to be a big party to begin with, but just as I started pulling out the cleaner to go scrub the bathroom, the constant rain became THIS.

It didn't stick for a while, so I was optimistic, but that first photo was taken about 9:30... i.e. BEFORE the party. That's when a few people started calling and Oz went out to check the road conditions since we do live in a rural area. They were slushy but not icy, so we kept the party as a 'go.'
Below is what it looked like by 11-ish. We didn't lose any tree limbs because, quite frankly, anything that was going to fall apart was taken out last winter by that massive ice storm that took out our power for a week.
More on that in a minute.
After the little kids left, the big kids bundled up and went outdoors. Oz and his two youngest brothers had a big snowball fight, and then everyone worked together to build a snowman. I have no idea what's on top of his head. Those kids are mine with my MIL and my Sweet Little Sister's husband J.

The kids made a mini-snowman, too.

Just before everyone decided they were freezing - and DRIPPING with melted snow - and came back indoors, the power went out. At first I thought it would be up within a few minutes. At 2 p.m., when my Sweet Little Sister and J left and my kids went down to rest... it still hadn't come back on. At 4 p.m., I started planning for a dinner sans oven/microwave/lights/thawed meat (I usually use my microwave to defrost meat). At 8 p.m., when the house was pitch black, I took a long, hot bath and watched my bathwater literally steam in the candlelight.

I took this picture at about 10 p.m. I feel it epitomizes my evening: Reading an old book by lamplight with a cat lap warmer and a nonworking phone!
We got power back about 9 a.m. today and let the kids run rampant outdoors.

I am grateful for heat. More on the party tomorrow!

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